First Solar Money Making Application, Is It Safe To Use?

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Techinfo.clubFirst Solar App – Are you looking for an app that can earn you some extra money? If yes then you are in the right review. Because the admin will share the latest money-making applications on the internet today.

One of which is First Solar Apk. This application was just released at the end of last June so this application is still popular today.

Therefore, on occasion, the Admin will explain in full, from registration to payment.

Because many people are still not interested if they do not know for sure regarding payments, whether it has been proven to pay or not.

Well, for those of you who are curious about First solar money making app this. Please see the explanation below.

What is First Solar Apk?

First Solar App is a website that provides an investment mission to make easy money.

You as new users of this application can get a bonus balance of 8 thousand which can be claimed directly.

There is a version available on this first solar apk site that you can download but you won’t find it on google playstore.

For those of you who are interested in trying it, please see some of the information below.

How to Register on the First Solar Money-Making App

To carry out the account registration process, you need to enter the website from First Solar first with the following steps:

  • The first step, please enter the site First Solar Apk
  • Next, please register by entering your mobile number
  • Then please create a password that is easy to remember
  • After that, please confirm the password that you created earlier
  • Then please fill in the referral code column
  • Next, please enter the security code on the side
  • Click send
  • Done

Next, you will be taken to the main page of the homepage and have already received a registration commission of 8 thousand.

How To Earn Money From First Solar Money Making App

So that you can make money from First Solar app this then of course have to work on the available investment missions.

The mission is already on the homepage menu with many choices and different prices starting from the lowest, which is Rp. 80,000 to Rp. 2,000,000,000.

Therefore you need to deposit money first to be able to do this mission with the nominal amount you want.

There is another mission that can help increase your income, namely through the mission to invite friends which you can find through the referral menu.

You just go into the menu to copy the link and then share it via social media to invite people to join.

How To Withdraw From First Solar Money Making App

After you get a large balance, you can carry out the withdrawal process by entering the wallet menu first to top up your bank card.

Next, please enter your full name and choose the name of the bank you want to use to withdraw your income.

Then please enter your account number and you are asked to create a security PIN and confirm in the next column.

Finally, you can click confirm and you are ready to process your account balance.

To start the withdrawal process, all you have to do is click the draw button at the top right of the display and follow the steps given.

However, you must have a minimum balance of IDR 100,000 to be able to process withdrawals from First Solar Apk this.

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Is First Solar Money Making Application Safe To Use And Proven Paying?

If you look at some of the reviews of users and also the testimonials given by YouTubers, it’s right now First Solar App has been proven to pay.

It’s just that this money maker is very unsafe to use because it is clearly not registered with the financial services authority or OJK.

So you need to be careful because First Solar does not provide free investment so you have to deposit money to be able to play the mission.

Free missions only invite friends and it is very difficult to reach the minimum withdrawal limit.

That’s enough information about First Solar Money Making App I hope this review that the admin shares can be useful for those of you who have read this review to the end. Thank you and thank you for visiting.

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