Forgot TIX ID Password?  Here are 6 Ways to Reset & Change Password
Forgot TIX ID Password? Here are 6 Ways to Reset & Change Password

Forgot TIX ID Password? Here are 6 Ways to Reset & Change Password

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Lupa Password TIX ID – You must be familiar with the TIX ID application, which is useful for buying cinema tickets at Cinema XXI, CGV and Cinépolis. You can order tickets safely and quickly without the need to queue.

The problem of forgetting the TIX ID password sometimes often appears so that you can’t buy tickets online. Unlike FORGET PASSWORD QUIPPER, which uses email, TIX ID uses verification from a cellphone number.

In addition to the password security system, users can also connect DANA accounts using a PIN. Automatically if you forget the password, the account cannot be accessed, which causes payment activities to be disrupted.

Through TIX ID you can also buy or rent movies online and watch them right away. However, because of the good protection, the TIX ID account cannot be opened arbitrarily because it is also protected by OTP code verification.

Lupa Password TIX ID

Of course it’s a shame if you create a new account just because you forgot the password. To return it to its original state, you can reset the password by accessing several menus directly in the application.

Cara Reset Password TIX ID

The main requirement to be able to reset the TIX ID password is a previously registered cellphone number. Make sure the number is still active because it will be used to receive the OTP code for password reset verification, see the following steps for more details.

Cara Reset Password TIX ID
  1. Open the TIX ID application, continue by tapping Reset Password.
  2. You will be asked to enter your cellphone number in the column provided.
  3. Press the button Send then TIX ID will send an OTP code via SMS to your number.
  4. Enter the OTP code in the column provided.
  5. It will automatically switch to the change password page, enter a new password.
  6. Enter the password again with the same characters.
  7. Press Next.
  8. The password reset has been successfully done and you can login.

How to Change TIX ID Password

After you have finished overcoming the forgotten TIX ID password, there may be times when you want to increase account security. One way is to change passwords regularly so that people don’t break into easily.

How to Change TIX ID Password
  • On the TIX ID main page then tap My account at the bottom right.
  • Press the settings or gear icon.
  • Enter to Change Password.
  • Please enter old password and new password
  • Confirm by re-entering the new password then press Save.
  • Congratulations the password has been changed.

How to Change Number

But what if you want to change your TIX ID number? As long as you still have login access, you can immediately change the number. Make sure you have registered and activated your number to be able to receive SMS notifications.

Change Number
  • In the main menu go to My account bottom right corner.
  • Open settings by tapping the gear icon.
  • Select Change Mobile Number.
  • Enter your new number then tap Save.
  • A verification menu appears, wait until the OTP code enters your number via SMS.
  • Then your number will be automatically verified and your TIX ID account can be used immediately.


Can I order tickets without having a TIX ID account?

No, every user must register a TIX ID user first

What if I don’t receive the TIX ID OTP code?

Wait for a moment until the timeout expires, proceed with sending a re-request

What if it still fails to solve the forgotten TIX ID password?

Directly call 1500849 during business hours for assistance

Almost the same as FORGET PASSWORD DIGIPOS, you must get a code via SMS as verification. That’s the tutorial that we can provide, please practice it yourself, hopefully it will work.

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