Giant Sunspot Facing Earth, Beware of Blasts
Giant Sunspot Facing Earth, Beware of Blasts

Giant Sunspot Facing Earth, Beware of Blasts

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WMOTION.CO.ID – Experts report that a giant sunspot three times the size of Earth is facing the planet and is likely to send out mid-sized bursts in the near future.

“Fast-growing sunspots have doubled in just 24 hours,” says Tony Phillips, author of SpaceWeather.comWednesday (22/6/2022).

Phillips noted that the surrounding magnetic field has the potential to blast an M-class Sun flare toward Earth.

If sunspots detonate coronal mass ejections (CMEs), i.e. charged particles facing Earth, it is possible that these particles will interact with Earth’s magnetic field and create colorful glows in the atmosphere known as auroras.

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However, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center, which monitors solar flares and other explosions, has not yet issued an aurora warning.

The sun is particularly active this spring, sending out numerous M and X class (strongest class) flares as activity increases in a regular 11-year sunspot cycle.

Sunspot June 2022. [Spacewheather]

Reported from Space.comThursday (23/6/2022), usually CME is harmless and may only cause a brief radio blackout along with the appearance of the aurora.

However, on rare occasions, CMEs can also disrupt critical infrastructure such as satellites or power lines.

Therefore, NASA and NOAA regularly monitor the Sun around the clock.

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In addition, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe mission also periodically flies very close to the Sun, to learn more about the origin of sunspots and to better understand the solar-generated space weather.

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