Gojek PayLater (GoPayLater) and GoPay Top Up Fee Info – 2022 Price & Tariff List

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Gojek has a digital wallet service called GoPay and also a PayLater (GoPayLater) payment method. With GoPay, you can top up easily through various bank channels, Gojek driver partners, Alfamart, and so on. Meanwhile, to use PayLater, there are a number of fees charged.

PayLater Gojek/GoPayLater
PayLater Gojek/GoPayLater

GoPay offers a bigger cashback promo for users who have upgraded to a GoPay account compared to users who haven’t. In addition, there are minimum transaction requirements that apply to users who have not upgraded. To upgrade to a GoPay account, users must upload a photo of their identity card (WNI: eKTP and foreigner: passport) and a photo of their face together with the identity card.

Gojek explained that users need to remember that 1 (one) identity card can only be used for 1 (one) Gojek account. This is because there are several features that are offered after an account upgrade such as extra protection for GoPay balances, a larger limit for saving balances, sending GoPay balances to fellow users, transfers to bank accounts, being able to use the PayLater feature, and various exclusive promos.[1]

About Gojek Paylater (GoPayLater)

GoPayLater is a PayLater payment method where you can order various Gojek services at any time and only pay once at the end of the month after payday. This feature is the result of a collaboration between Gojek and Findaya, which is registered and supervised by the OJK. How to use GoPayLater is also easy, just select GoPayLater as your payment option on the check out page.

Currently GoPayLater is only available for selected loyal Gojek customers. You have a great opportunity to get this feature by: Increase your transactions using GoPay when ordering Gojek services or when transacting at various online merchants and wait until you get a GoPayLater invitation. Then, make sure your GoPayLater account has been activated by registering your personal data which is equipped with uploading a photo of your ID card and a photo of yourself with your ID card to be able to enjoy GoPayLater.

For new users, there is a FREE promo of GoPayLater subscription fees in the first month. After that, a fee will be charged if used only. GoPayLater can be used many times, pay only once without any hidden fees. The following are the details of the types of fees in the GoPayLater service.

Gojek PayLater Fee (GoPayLater)

  • GoPayLater Fee: A fee that applies once a month, and will be charged if you transact using GoPayLater after the free trial period is over. This fee will not be charged automatically because Gojek always asks for your confirmation before the first PayLater transaction every month. GoPayLater fees range from IDR 7,500 – IDR 49,000 per month (flat), depending on the limit you have. If you set the limit to a new limit, the GoPayLater fee will adjust.
  • Late penalty: Fee charged when your bill is due and has passed the grace period, which is 5 (five) days after the due date. The amount is IDR 2,000 per day and will start on the 6th of the following month, until your bill is paid off. You can pay bills anytime before the due date or once you reach the limit. That way, you can avoid late fees.
GoPay application (source: kawula.id)
GoPay application (source: kawula.id)

About GoPay

GoPay is an all-in-one digital wallet. Starting from fast transactions for all Gojek services and hundreds of Business Partners, to sending or receiving money easily, everything is free to do with GoPay.

GoPay Top Up Fee

Nama Bank/Channel Top Up GoPay Balance Charges
BCA IDR 1,000 per transaction
Gem Bank IDR 1,000 per transaction
CIMB Niaga Bank IDR 1,000 per transaction
Bank BTN IDR 1,000 per transaction
Mandiri Bank IDR 1,000 per transaction
BNI IDR 1,000 per transaction
BRI IDR 1,000 per transaction
Gojek Drivers Free
Alfamart Rp2,000
pawnshop Rp2,000

The minimum top up amount for GoPay is IDR 10,000. The GO-PAY balance charge service fee of Rp.1,000 will be automatically debited from the savings account used by the user to make GO-PAY balance transactions. The user will receive the nominal GO-PAY balance in full according to the nominal entered during the transaction to top up the GO-PAY balance. Information regarding Gojek PayLater fees and GoPay top ups can change at any time without prior notice.

[1]Wijaya, S & Gabriel Y. 2021. Income Tax: Cashback Treatment by Digital Wallet Companies. Rintho RR, editor. Bandung: Indonesian Science Media, page 68.

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