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Chapter 4052


The store owner almost didn’t sit directly on the ground.

This price is more than six times its inflated price.

The person is also completely dumbfounded.

“Young master…you…you’re serious, two million?”

“Hmph, when this son talks, he always speaks the truth. If he calls two million, he will definitely not miss you a single son.” The son finished his words. Looking at George Han provocatively.

For people like him, all they want is face, and it doesn’t matter if they have money or not.

However, a stinky diaosi dares to provoke him here, can he bear it?

Obviously can’t stand it, and, in front of two super beauties.

The shopkeeper nodded like smashing garlic, and he even wished he could immediately give the snow lotus to the young master, and at the same time give him a gift.

However, at this moment, George Han said leisurely: “Four million.”

“Four million?” The

store owner felt that his brain was deprived of

oxygen .

What is the happiest thing in life, that is, the things you sell are seen by two local tyrants at the same time, and they keep raising the price for this.

This plot, he only dared to think about it in the past, and didn’t dare to cite it to reality at all.

But now, not only did it happen, but it was in front of his eyes.

“bas!” The young man shouted angrily and looked at George Han fiercely: “Are you fu crazy? Four million? One plus is double?”

With this kind of addition, two more rounds, it’s fu**** tens of millions.

It’s just a snow lotus, where is it worth such astronomical figures?

“It’s still the same sentence, don’t add it if you can’t afford it.”

“Fuck, I can’t afford it? Four and a half million.” The boy gritted his teeth.

“Nine million.” George Han spoke again.

This time, the young master couldn’t hold his breath any longer, pointing at George Han, completely speechless.

It ‘s too fu**** outrageous

it’s only 300,000 things, but the price is directly raised to a full 9 million, which is a full 30 times.

In any other place, nine million won’t know how many snow lotuses can be bought back.

“Nine million?” The young man smiled coldly and looked at George Han: “You motherfucker is bragging to me, right? By the way, I forgot to remind you, you have to be obedient when the price is out. Come on, you shouted nine million, can you hand it over?”

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The store owner who was immersed in shock and ecstasy immediately reacted after hearing this son’s words.

Yes, a full nine million. For most people, this is an astronomical figure. With such a large amount of money, how can anyone take it out casually?

Moreover, it is still used to buy snow lotus.

“This little brother, take the liberty of reminding me of friendship, this is the price you have to pay, it’s not worth it

otherwise, I can only report it to the management of Fengyi Pavilion, and they will intervene at that time. If so, this situation will be troublesome.” The shopkeeper said.

Although nine million sounds tempting, at least in front of him, he trusts the four and a half million dollars that the son said.

Judging from that young man’s temperament and dress, he is the one who can afford it. On the other hand, George Han, seriously, he really doubts whether this guy can afford the initial price of 300,000.

Seeing that George Han just smiled dumbly, he didn’t care about the shopkeeper at all, he just looked at the young man and said, “I can’t afford the money, what qualifications do you have to know?

” All right, just admit defeat, and then learn to bark a few times, so you can know the answer.” George Han said.

That young man is angry, and his shortcomings are small, but losing face is a big deal.

If this is to be regarded as a dog barking

he is naturally not happy.

However, now that the price has reached 9 million, if you follow up rashly and this bas**** slaps himself, suddenly he will no longer report it.

Then, he really spent super unjust money.

Nine million, that’s not 900,000, let alone 900 yuan.

“Follow, continue to follow, weren’t you crazy just now?” George Han added with jealousy.

The young man regained his senses and suddenly smiled: “Hmph, you really want to trick me, let me tell you, I won’t be fooled by you.”

“Nine million, right? Well, I’ll give it to you, at most. I’m a dog, and you, if you can’t pay, will be tortured by Feng Yiting’s people worse than a dog.”

“I abstain!” he shouted loudly.

George Han smiled yinly: “I’m afraid you will be disappointed. It’s true that you want to be a dog, but I am still a human being.” After the

words were finished, George Han opened his space ring…

Chapter 4053

When the space ring is opened, accompanied by the sound of the jewels, the next second, piles of gold The silver jewelry fell directly to the ground.


This crisp and unique voice immediately alerted all the people around, and they all looked at it.

The young man in front of him was completely dumbfounded.

It’s not that he hasn’t seen money, on the contrary, he has seen a lot of money, but so much money fell from the hands of a diaosi, it is really jaw-dropping, and it is impossible to say.

“I don’t like to bring amethyst when I go out, so I just put some things on it, shopkeeper, you can count it, it’s not enough to nine million.”

Looking at the gold and silver jewelry on the hill, the boss’s eyes were straight. It doesn’t need to be counted, just at a glance, it is known that the value of this pile of gold and silver jewelry is at least 50 million or more.

Nine million is more than enough.

The boss changed his previous posture, and his face suddenly filled with a smile: “VIP, what are you talking about, this pile of things is enough for tens of millions, not to mention the mere 9 million for the small one.”

You directly accept Get up, or the small shop can help you to ask the people from the exchange room to come and exchange it for you with amethyst, and bring it with you. “

He laughed.

If before, this guy took a sip of you and a high-level attitude, then now, he has completely taken a sip of you, and his attitude is even more humble than that of the young master just now.

George Han smiled softly and looked at the young master: “Since nine million is more than enough, then I think some people should complete their bets and learn to bark, right? “

The boy’s eyes widened, how could he have thought that George Han would actually be able to touch so much money.

He clearly wanted to retreat to advance, and put Han

3,000 together, how could he have imagined that the clown turned out to be himself in the blink of an eye?

But there is a bet here, and it seems inappropriate for him not to admit it.

But when he wanted to admit the account, he still couldn’t let go of the problem in his heart. Just when he hesitated, more and more people around him were watching.

Seeing this, he turned his heart away and smiled coldly: “Stupid idiot, just talk about it, are you serious? Do you know who this young master is?”

George Han shook his head: “I really don’t know this. , Why don’t you talk about it?”

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“Humph, talk? I’m afraid I’ll scare you to death.” He sneered disdainfully.

“Who else in this city can scare me to death? Seriously, I’m quite curious.” George Han laughed.

“Stinky boy, the frog at the bottom of the well. Okay, let me zoom in on my ears and hear it clearly. I am the only son of the Liu family in this city’s Liu residence .

People in Jianghu call him cold-faced Liu son, boy, do you understand?”

Sign up for the name, and sure enough, many people around him suddenly whispered.

Although they spoke very quietly, because it was so quiet here, everyone could actually hear every sentence clearly.

“Damn, this Liu family is not very famous, but it is very powerful.”

“That’s not true, the Liu family’s patriarch is a veteran family that pioneered the Pei family, and is extremely powerful. It’s just that the Liu family has always had ancestral teachings. Knowing that the surname is Pei, the Liu family’s children are strictly required to keep a low profile.”

“Yes, yes, but no matter how low-key a powerful family is, they can’t hide their brilliance. After so long, the Liu family is the only family that can receive the annual worship of every patriarch in person, and this aspect alone is very

comparable to ordinary people.”

“Indeed, it seems that the young master got into trouble today, and some people are really people you can never afford.”

Hearing what everyone said, it seemed that the situation was extremely serious, even the one who changed his attitude just now. The businessman, at this time, also kept his mouth shut and didn’t dare to let go of half a fart.

Indeed, the Liu family in this city is definitely not something that ordinary people can provoke.

Even the mighty Pei family members often have to be courteous when they see them.

What’s more, what about ordinary people like them?

He glanced at George Han quietly, and couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat from the rich master.

However, George Han smiled casually without any fear, and glanced at Young Master Liu coldly. Seeing that he was extremely confident, he couldn’t help shaking his head: “Sorry, I really haven’t heard of it.

” Man, are you hanging?”

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