His True Colors Novel Chapter 4108 – 4109 – XH Tales
His True Colors Novel Chapter 4108 – 4109 – XH Tales

His True Colors Novel Chapter 4108 – 4109 – XH Tales

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Read Chapters 4108 – 4109 of the novel His True Colors free online.

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Chapter 4108

“Yes, wolf king.” George Han said.

The wolf king is the real overlord of this group of people. George Han believes that only by negotiating conditions with such people can we truly negotiate conditions.

Nothing to say with a bunch of hungry wolves drooling at their food.

“Firstly, he is our real target, and secondly, only when he speaks can truly count.” George Han said.

“But what if he doesn’t come?” Amelia Su asked.

“He will definitely come. It’s impossible for them to allow living creatures to exist in their place. It’s like we don’t allow nails in our eyes.” George Han smiled.

Relying on this Chaos Clock, George Han is confident that he can resist all attacks. Otherwise, there is no need for these guys to scold and coax outside.

If they had a way, they would have called in long ago, so why bother.

In the end, the boss always needs to

come forward.

And George Han was waiting for him.

“Go to sleep.” George Han said, closed his eyes as expected, and immediately started to fall asleep.

Seeing George Han fall asleep, the two women also looked at each other helplessly. The matter was already like this, and any more words would be in vain. It would be better to listen to George Han’s words obediently. can play a more effective role.

This sleep, at the beginning, it was not good to sleep amid all kinds of noise, but after getting used to it, the two girls really fell asleep.

Afterwards, it seemed to be quiet outside.

Until, half an hour later, George Han suddenly woke up and sat up.

Seeing George Han get up, the two women also woke up instantly and hurriedly looked at him: “What’s wrong?”

“The wolf king is here.” George Han whispered, but his ears were pointed and he listened carefully to the outside.

The two women

didn’t dare to echo, they kept quiet and followed George Han to hear the movement outside.

It was surprisingly quiet outside, and there didn’t seem to be any signs of trouble.

But if you listen carefully, you can hear a faint gasp outside, as if someone is watching them quietly in front of the clock.

George Han suddenly smiled: “Here?”

There was no reply, but in the next second, the Chaos Clock covering the three people was suddenly lifted, and the light was scattered to the three of them again. .

The three of them were dazzling. About one meter in front of them, there was a black gas standing there.

The black air was human and inhuman, faceless and silent, but there seemed to be eyes staring at them in the air.

Before George Han got up one by one, Amelia Su and Zi Qing had already protected George Han behind them in advance, and the

two women stared at the dark shadow extremely nervously.

George Han smiled slightly, stretched out his hand to block the two women, walked up to them, and faced the shadow directly: “You don’t have to, you are not his opponent.” After the

words were finished, George Han looked at the shadow: “You can Move the Chaos Clock directly away. I think it is not an ordinary person. I guess it is good. At least you are here, and you should be one or two people who exist.”

“You are a mere young boy, but you can take the Chaos Clock away. For your own use, where is the Chaos Bell, I don’t need to say more, it seems that you are not simple.” The black shadow said softly.

His voice, indescribable, gave a very depressing feeling.

If the previous voice was like holding your throat to speak, then this voice is like holding your throat and speaking to you.

George Han smiled lightly: “It’s just that the

seniors looked at it and gave it to me.”

“Give it to you?” The man was a little puzzled.

“With my strength, is it possible that I can still grab it? Since, senior, you also know the origin of this chaotic clock, then senior should know why this bell was given to you in the end, right?” George Han said with a smile.

“Of course I know, but why send you?” he said.

“Because I can ring the bell.” George Han said.

Obviously, although George Han only said that the bell was ringing, in fact it was not as simple as ringing. George Han knew this, even if he didn’t explain it, the other party should understand.

“The number of people ringing the bell in the world is as high as a cow’s hair. If it rings, it will be sent, then the bell has already changed tens of thousands of Taoist masters.” The man said coldly.

“What if the number of times I ring has never been reached?” George Han said with a light smile.

Chapter 4109

Hearing this, the person was obviously stunned in place.

In fact, he had already vaguely guessed what the reason was for the people outside to give the Chaos Clock to George Han.

It’s just that people can’t be exempted from the custom after all, and like other people, he doesn’t quite believe in this fact.

Of course, when George Han really said these words, even if he didn’t want to believe it, he had to admit that what he didn’t want to believe in his heart might… really happened.

“Throughout the ages, the Chaos Bell has rang seven, but no one has ever struck seven, at most six.” The man said coldly, and the peak of his words suddenly changed: “I am the one who has struck six.”

“Han believes that the ability of the predecessors, six sounds are absolutely irrelevant. However, if this is the case, you should know that I have knocked a few times!” George Han said.

“Seven sounds!” Although he had no face and no eyes, Han

George Han clearly felt that as soon as these two words appeared, there was a gleam of light staring at him.

George Han nodded slightly: “Exactly.” It’s

reasonable, otherwise, he won’t get the Chaos Bell even six times. He is a mere boy, how can he get it under any other circumstances?

Therefore, he really has only one possibility to get it, that is, as he said, he rang seven times.

“Why are you able to ring seven times?” He frowned slightly, puzzled: “I see you, you are always just an ordinary person, what qualifications do you have?”

Faced with such a scolding, George Han refused He was angry and didn’t want to refute: “Compared with senior and others, Han is really inferior.”

“Do you think that I will let you go if you show weakness?” He sneered.

“I never thought the weak could have the possibility of survival.” George Han said, “

Besides, I may not be the weak.”

“Just relying on the protection of your Chaos Bell?” He said in a cold voice.

George Han smiled a little: “I never expect Chaos Clock to protect me, I’m just waiting for you to come.”

“Wait for me?”

“Catch the thief first, the king, what’s the point of me fighting them? George Han said: “Since I dare to enter this place, naturally, I will dare to face the strongest person here, because, sooner or later, isn’t it?

” That’s right. But, it’s up to you?”

George Han nodded: “Yes, it’s up to me.”

“A boy who doesn’t even have a cultivation base, I can crush you to death with one finger.” He He snorted disdainfully.

Seeing this, Amelia Su and Ziqing hurriedly tried to stop George Han, thinking that George Han was only angry for a while, and went up to say such

words, but before the two women could speak, George Han had already used his hands to hold the two. The woman stood behind her, signaling that they didn’t need to say more.

George Han smiled slightly: “If I’m not mistaken, senior wants to pinch me with a finger, but only if you have a finger first.”

“You bastard, so rude!”

He shouted angrily . With a roar, the black energy suddenly dissipated, and a terrifying big mouth suddenly opened, full of fangs, hideous and terrifying.

Faced with such a scene, the two women were extremely nervous, but only George Han, who stood at the front, was very indifferent. Facing it, he still smiled, as if he had a plan.

“Senior, how about a bet?” George Han said with a smile.

“Bet?” He was obviously stunned for a moment, wondering why George Han was so confident when he was about to die, and even more why he still bet with him now.

What, are you afraid? “George Han smiled.

Although he was just laughing and his words were very plain, the ridicule contained in it was full of ridicule.

Anyone could hear the meaning of the words, and naturally, that person could also understand. Among them.

“Boy, are you provoking me? Well, for the sake of Chaos Clock, I can play with you, tell me what you want to bet, and how you want to bet! “

“How about a bet on a plan that is easy for both of us?” “George Han smiled.

“You talk, I will listen.” “The man said.

“If I win, it’s very simple, this place is free to come and go with me, and you must not disturb it.” “

“What if you lose?” “

“The three of us cut off the heads by ourselves. You don’t have to worry about it. Senior, what do you think?” “

“Are you gambling your life with me?” He asked in a cold voice.

George Han smiled: “Exactly!” “

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