How to Add Active Instagram (IG) Followers for Free!

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Do you often use the IG application? If he usually you hope that you have a lot of followers on your Instagram account. With a large number of followers, you can become an influencer who is known to many people. Hurry up and use the method to add Instagram followers below!

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media applications. The users of this application are all over the world. It’s no wonder that every day, many people use Instagram as a personal application or for business purposes.

Having a large number of followers on Instagram is also a dream for everyone. The goals also vary, such as building a brand, buying and selling, endorsing and many more functions.

When your Instagram followers are still few, in this article we will share ways to increase followers on Instagram. You can use IG followers to increase your followers to look for the services that are currently circulating.

However, the method above usually costs you money, because adding followers with sites or services that add followers is required to pay for it.

Through this article, we will show you how to add Instagram followers for free. However, this method is a manual method, so you have to make more effort to get followers to add on Instagram.

How to Add IG Followers Without an Application

If you are interested in trying it, please read the reviews we provide below because we have compiled the easiest way.

Follow Trends Using #hashtag

How to Add Instagram Followers

The first way that you can use is to hashtags. This method is quite effective for getting Instagram user exposure because you are following the growing trend in hashtags.

On Instagram, many users use hashtags as a tool to reach new people and find interesting content they like.

If you use hashtag when you post a photo or video, your photo or video can be seen by others when they are opening the hashtag.

Try to find hashtag which is becoming popular. You can develop content to relevant to hashtag trending and use it to gain exposure to many users.

Examples of hashtags that you can use when you are posting photos or videos such as #kuliner, #kulinerjakarta, #resepmasakan, and so on.

Follow People on Instagram As Much As You Can

How to Add Instagram Followers

The second way you can do to improve followers Instagram is by the way follow people on Instagram as much as possible. Especially the people around you that you know.

That way, it’s highly likely that those people are you follow willfollow back to your Instagram. This is a very effective way for you to try to increase your IG followersher.

Use the Instagram Stories Feature

How to Add Instagram Followers

The IG stories feature is a feature that you can use to get followers for free. You can use this stories feature within 1×24 hours so that people who visit your IG will be interested.

Later, if Instagram users are interested in the stories that you make, then there is a high chance that these users will follow your Instagram account.

Create Content Actively

How to Add Instagram Followers

This one method may be quite inconvenient because you have to create content first. However, this method is one of the most effective ways that you can do to increase Instagram followers.

Later when you always upload content actively, it will be easier for Instagram users to find you on the Instagram homepage and you will have the opportunity to get Instagram followers very easily.

Create an Interesting Instagram Profile Bio

how to increase instagram followers

Create an interesting Instagram profile bio that will make visitors to your Instagram profile bio interested in seeing it. You can use this method to immediately get a lot of followers by looking at an interesting bio.

You can find many interesting bio references on the internet. Please use whichever you think shows your identity.

Instagram Follower Enhancing Application Link

How to Add Instagram Followers

Get Followers

The first application that we will recommend to increase your IG followers is Get Followers. This application is a free Instagram followers increase application that you can find on the Google PlayStore.

In addition to being easy to use, this application also has a size that is not large, so it can be used even if your cellphone’s memory capacity is low. This application has also been proven safe from viruses.

How to use the application is very easy, you only need to follow a certain account and later you will get points. Then the points that you get can be exchanged for IG followers for free.

If you have followed the account that has been determined by the application, you cannot unfollow. Because if you unfollow you can also lose those points.

Royal Like For Instagram

Royal Like For Instagram is an application that you can use to add Instagram followers for free without increasing following. This application has been widely used by many people because of its fast access.

This application is very suitable if you want to get a lot of Instagram followers in a fairly short period of time.

This application also has a good performance when you use it. Even though from the name you may still doubt it, but when you have used this application, you will definitely be surprised because of its features.

You must obey the tasks given by this application because there are several rules that exist. Later, after you complete the task, you will get points that can be exchanged for Instagram followers for free.

Real Followers and Like Boost

Real Followers and Like Boost is the name of an Instagram followers increase application that has its own features compared to other Instagram followers increasing applications.

By using Real Followers and Like Boost you will be able to get many active followers according to the name. Not only followers, you can also get lots of likes from Instagram users.

You can easily find this application on the Google Play Store. This application is also safe from viruses that will harm your phone.

Until now, the Real Followers and Like Boost application has been downloaded by more than 5 million people because it has been proven to help increase IG followers.

If you are curious about this application, please try it yourself and prove if this application can really help you in adding a lot of Instagram followers easily.

The final word

Thus the information that we can convey about how to add Instagram followers easily and quickly. Hopefully this information is useful for those of you who are in need of a lot of followers.

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