How to Change HOOQ Quota to Telkomsel Regular Flash Quota

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How to Change Hooq Quota Into Telkomsel Regular Flash Quota –Telkomsel is one of the GSM providers that has started offering internet packages with large quotas.

But instead of being able to use it at will, it turns out that most of the quota can only be used to access certain applications.

One such application is HOOQ. With this application, you can use a large streaming quota.

So what if you don’t use the HOOQ app? If you don’t use this application, inevitably the big quota from Telkomsel will only expire.

Friends who read this article are lucky Telkomsel users, because there are ways to use HOOQ quotas such as Flash quota from Telkomsel. You can use HOOQ app quota for anything.

How to Change HOOQ Quota to Flash Telkomsel?

change hooq quota to flash

There are indeed many ways to use HOOQ quotas such as Flash quotas. But of the many ways, most of them are unusable or often fail.

Of the many ways to use HOOQ quota, the most effective way is to use the Anonytun application.

Besides being easy, the Anonytun application can not only help you use your HOOQ quota.

This application can also be used to convert various other internet provider packages into regular internet packages.

Then how do you use HOOQ quota to be like Flash quota with the Anonytun application?


Follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the latest version of Anonytun app on your phone first.
  • Enter the Anonytun application.
  • Press the 3 vertical dots button in the upper right corner of the Anonytun app.
  • Activate VPN and Compress Packet. Also enter the column PERSON Size with numbers 1500 and save.
  • Enter the menu Settings in the Anonytun app.
  • Activate menu stealth tunnel.
  • Change settings connection protocol Becomes SSL.
  • Also fill in the column port with number 443.
  • Activate Advanced SSL Setting.
  • Click the menu Edit Advanced SSL Setting.
  • Check section SSL (Anti DPI) and Spoof Host : Port.
  • Isi “” in column Spoof Host.
  • In column Spoof Port, fill in numbers 80.
  • After that, save the settings and press the button Connect.
  • If it fails to connect, try pressing the button Connect repeatedly. If it still fails, replace Spoof Host the “”.

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That’s how to change HOOQ Quota to Telkomsel Regular Flash Quota, which you can follow from the method we have shared. Good luck, and good luck.

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