How to Change Huawei Indihome Fiber WIFI Password Forgot PW
How to Change Huawei Indihome Fiber WIFI Password Forgot PW

How to Change Huawei Indihome Fiber WIFI Password Forgot PW

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How to Change Huawei Indihome Fiber WIFI Password Forgot PW – Since many are looking for how to change the wifi password on the speedy indihome service provider,

This time we will make a complete and very clear tutorial for those of you beginners who use cable internet.

Sometimes when you install this speedy indihome service at your residence, these indihome officers don’t mention and teach you how

how to set this wifi router modem on because it’s possible that one day you contact them again so that you can use their services again to find out

how to change the wifi password in your home & you have to pay for the service again using force. ?

However, the above will not be experienced by you because now will teach you how to change the wifi password on this indihome provider.

How to Change Indihome WIFI Password

Actually the method is relatively easy, you don’t have to know about qualified network science to do this,

but maybe you are afraid to do it for fear of wrong settings before starting it I ask you to see news about your router

at the bottom of the modem when you don’t know which modem router it is??? Give me a picture of the router..

How to Change Password 1

Even though the types are not compatible, for example, yours and mine, it’s okay, the settings are the same.

Now, you turn back on the modem to see the IP ADDRESS & the username and password to enter the control panel

although generally the default ip of the modem is or but for more details you see on the back or at the bottom of the modem. The model is in the picture.

modem default ip

Well… According to the picture on the back of the modem, we have received the information I need to change the wifi password, including:

IP :
Username : admin
password : admin

Now from the news, we have been able to enter the router’s control panel via a web browser using the method that we will share as below.

But before you start you have to write it down on your cellphone or in a book so you don’t forget.

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Steps to Change Wifi Password

  1. The first thing you have to do after knowing the login information, you just have to open your favorite web browser for example Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE or Safari for those who use Mac and type or copy and paste the IP that you get on the url form or in my problem, namely 192.168 .1.254 and hit enter.
  2. A popup window will appear for logging in. Then enter the username & password admin / admin then click login.
  3. After you enter the control panel, all you have to do is click the Interface setup menu and then click the wireless sub menu & you just change the password in the Pre-Shared Key section and after you set your new password, you just click save at the bottom of the page. When confused see the picture.

What I marked with the blue hue is the SSID or name that will appear if your wifi is available you can change it there if you are bored with the display name of your wifi.

Now you can change the wifi password whenever you want.

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Tips to Secure Wifi from Intruders

For those of you who don’t want your wifi to be used by people you don’t allow, because it’s very annoying because you’re cool

using the internet, even the down speed becomes slow because people are not responsible for playing rides on our wifi as they like.

Therefore, to increase your security, just change the password to login to the control panel. It’s the factory setting, the username and password are admin admin, now we just need to change the password.

Because you try to imagine if you are the perpetrator who wants to know people’s wifi passwords, it’s very easy, right?

You just have to go to the control panel and you’re already able to tweak the settings that should only be you and God who knows.???

Ok, make the steps to change the default modem password as follows:

  • You enter as usual to the control panel by entering the default user & pass of the modem.
  • After you log in, click on the maintenance menu and then click on the administrator menu.

And after that there will be 2 empty fields that you must fill in using the new admin password, fill in the new password & repeat the same password

on confirm password and after that you just click the save button & congratulations you have changed the admin password as new & your router access is more secure.

How to Change Password 5

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Thus the discussion about Tips on How to Change Indihome WIFI Password that you can try on your own wifi router, Hopefully it can be useful.

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