How to Create Cool Silhouette Photos with Instagram
How to Create Cool Silhouette Photos with Instagram

How to Create Cool Silhouette Photos with Instagram

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Today, it is the era of social media. Everything is always uploaded to social media, especially the results of photos or selfies. Well, this time inwepo will share a trick to make your photos more interesting to share upload on social media in a silhouette style. Want to know how??

Upload Photos on Social Media

Mengupload Taking photos on social media is certainly something you must have done. Or maybe you do it very often. Indeed, today’s millennial generation really likes to upload everything to social media, especially the features story which we know today.

Social media is a place or arena for competition to get attention by providing the best shots. Everyone has their own style when it comes to photos. Some may like to take photos of food so that storyit is filled with photos of food or maybe there are those who like to take pictures of landscapes and so on.

Silhouette Photo

Well, talking about the scenery, especially the sky, of course you are already familiar with the silhouette photo. Taking silhouette photos, as well as sky views lately is indeed a trend on TikTok, Instagram and other social media.

Silhouettes are one of the most interesting photography tricks. Where this silhouette trick shows a dark object with background lighter or colored. So the basic trick is to place the object in front of the light source.

Create a Silhouette Effect with Instagram

Creating a silhouette effect is not difficult, and does not require special skills. The development of camera filter technology in platform Instagram can help us to create attractive silhouette photos or videos. Are you curious, how or what is the name of the ig filter?


1. You open your respective Instagram application then tap menu Story or make story new. In the filter section, swipe left until you find icon search filter.

2. On the Effects Gallery menu, tap icon search again and type “silhouette” , the result will appear several silhouette filters that you can use. Recommend using the filter from “thank you“, but there’s also no harm in trying another filter.

3. Now, you can directly tap the Try menu to try out the filter, if it feels right, you can save the filter in the Instagram camera effect with tap icon download.


Instagram is getting here, it’s getting more sophisticated and pampering users when it comes to portraits. Not to mention the creators of Instagram filters who are getting more creative here. Like creating the silhouette effect above. How interesting enough to try is not it?

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