How to download songs on Youtube – Tipandroid
How to download songs on Youtube – Tipandroid

How to download songs on Youtube – Tipandroid

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How to download songs on youtube – Youtube is a video sharing platform that you can access via mobile.

Recently, YouTube has become a popular application because in addition to providing entertainment, YouTube is widely used to gain income.

Through the YouTube application, you can view videos, whether entertainment videos, sports, news or music video clips.

But the highlight is the youtube function for listening to songs. I myself also often listen to songs through the YouTube application.

how to download youtube to mp3 without an application

Because the choice of songs on you tube is very diverse and we can choose various genres according to our wishes.

But one obstacle when we want to listen again on Youtube is that we have to be connected to the Internet. So when your internet drops, you can no longer hear the song.

It’s a different story if you’ve downloaded it. In this article, we will provide how to download videos on youtube for offline listening.

Via SnapTube App

how to download songs from youtube to music

The first way you can do is to use a third-party application called SnapTube.

In this Snaptube application you can download mp3s and even download videos. How to use this application is very easy.

1. First you need to download it first in the app store.

2. After downloading, install and open this Snaptube application

3. On the main page you can see the search field which is located at the top of the screen window. Fill in the keyword hang you want to find about the video you want to download.

4. After meeting, then you can select and press the download button. This button is located in the right row. The format selection window will appear. If you want to download a song then you can choose the format in the form of mp3.

5. Next, you can choose the song file and also where to store this file on your Android memory. If it has been determined then you only need to press the download button to start the process. Wait for the downloading process to run then you can see the results.

Via Site (No App)

how to download songs on youtube via cellphone

If you even download the application, here we will also provide recommendations for downloading YouTube videos without having to download any applications. The trick is with a website. Then how? The method is also not too difficult.

1. First you can open a music video clip on Youtube. After finding the video, you can copy the YouTube video link that you want to download. The trick is to select the share option and select copy URL.

2. Then in your browser (it is recommended to use Google Chrome) you can open the web page ( Wait for the site to open.

3. Later there will be a column, in that column you only need to paste a copy of the YouTube video link that you want to download. Then you can select enter link to media.

4. The next step is to click “Convert to” to convert the video format to mp3.

5. Allow a few moments until this online tools page does the converting process. When the process is complete, a download button will appear, click the button and it will automatically download. To find this downloaded file you can find it in the downloads folder in the internal memory.

This is a tutorial that you can follow to download music videos from YouTube. In essence, all these steps are very easy.

You no longer need to have trouble listening to your favorite songs via the Internet. Because when you download them you can listen to them offline.

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