How to Extend SKCK Online and Offline
How to Extend SKCK Online and Offline

How to Extend SKCK Online and Offline

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How to Extend SKCK Online and Offline – Police Record Certificate or SKCK is one of the important documents needed for various administrative purposes.

Usually, you need it for various important things, such as applying for a job in a government agency or a large company like a state-owned enterprise. In addition, for other administrative needs.

It is very important for Indonesians to know, especially if they are looking for elite jobs that promise the future you might want. The good news is that you can now extend the validity period offline or online.

How to Extend SKCK Online and Offline

Well, for those of you who want to know how to Extend Online and Offline SKCK, please take a look and read what we will explain as follows in a solemn manner.

About SKCK

Police Record Certificate (abbreviated SKCK), previously known as Certificate of Good Behavior (abbreviated SKKB) is a certificate issued by the National Police containing a criminal record of a person.

Initially, when named SKKB, this letter can only be given to those who have not/have never been recorded committing a criminal act until the date of issuance of the SKKB. SKKB is valid for 6 (six) months. SKCK, one of the examples, is desperately needed by the community when registering CPNS.

SKCK Extended Place

SKCK has various functions for its applicants. However, you should know that the function of this letter will differ depending on the place of publication. So, what are the functions of SKCK which are differentiated according to the place of publication? Let’s look at the points below for a more complete explanation!

1. Police Headquarters

  • Nominations for President and Vice President
  • Nominations for members of the legislature, executive and judiciary
  • Issuance of visas and permanent residence permits abroad
  • Naturalization of citizenship
  • Adoption of children for foreign applicants
  • Continuing school abroad

2. Polda Metro Jaya

  • Apply for job
  • Passport or visa application
  • Applications for Indonesian citizens who will work abroad
  • Become a notary
  • Nomination of public officials
  • Continuing study
  • Nominations for regional heads or members of the provincial legislature

3. Polres

  • Nominations for regional heads or district/city legislative members
  • Apply as a civil servant
  • Apply as a member of the TNI/Polri
  • Nomination of public officials
  • Firearms license
  • Apply for job

4. Polsek

  • Apply for job
  • Village head nomination
  • Village secretary nomination
  • Change address
  • Continuing study

SKCK Extension Terms

Like how to apply for a passport, there are requirements in the form of files or documents that must be met so that you can apply for an SKCK extension. These are the requirements and files that you must collect to extend SKCK online or offline:

  1. Photocopy of the old Polda Metro Jaya SKCK with a maximum letter age of 1 year from the date of issue
  2. Copy of valid ID card or driving license
  3. Photocopy of passport (requirements to go abroad)
  4. Three recent passport-sized 4×6 photographs with a red background
  5. Photocopy of birth certificate
  6. Copy of last education diploma
  7. Copy of family card
  8. Fingerprint formula soft file (online application requirements)
  9. Cover letter from the village or kelurahan (if needed)

SKCK Extension Procedures and Methods

Before the pandemic hit, how to extend the SKCK must be done by visiting the nearest police station in accordance with the function of the application. However, during the pandemic, the Police facilitated the procedure by providing an option for extension via the internet or online.

Well, now that the pandemic has subsided, you can go back to extending your SKCK offline. For this reason, Jaka will explain in full the procedure and how to extend SKCK online and offline.

1. How to Extend SKCK Offline

For an offline SKCK extension, you have to come to the nearest police station. You can choose this method if you want to get a physical SKCK.

  1. Come to the nearest police station according to the application function.
  2. Prepare the requirements and files needed.
  3. Submit the required documents to the counter.
  4. Fill in the SKCK extension form provided.
  5. Submit the form to the counter.
  6. Pay the SKCK renewal fee of IDR 30 thousand.
  7. After that, you have to wait a while for SKCK processing. Don’t forget to legalize the SKCK so you don’t go back and forth if needed.
  8. Well, those of you who have made SKCK offline may have felt tired because they had to queue and wait for their turn for a long time. So that you can process the SKCK extension faster, let’s see the tips below!
  9. Prepare documents the day before coming to the police station.
  10. It is recommended to come earlier than the service operational schedule on Monday-Friday 08:00-15:00 or Saturday 08:00-11:00.
  11. Prepare stationery so you don’t have to borrow someone else’s.
  12. Dress modestly and wear shoes.

2. How to Extend SKCK Online

For those of you who are super busy and don’t have much free time, the online SKCK extension method is the best solution. Especially during a pandemic, this solution is certainly very crucial to avoid physical contact or interacting with other people in a closed space.

For online SKCK extension, the procedure is very practical. You don’t need to come to the police station and only need to visit a special site for the creation/extension of the SKCK, namely Let’s see the complete guide below:

  1. Go to the site.
  2. Do the registration.
  3. Fill out the form online.
  4. Open the Requirement Type column in the Unity section of the region.
  5. Select the option according to the reason for submitting the SKCK.
  6. Attach the required documents for SKCK renewal.
  7. Complete the form of family relations, education, criminal cases, and physical characteristics.
  8. Attach the fingerprint formula requirements obtained from the police station according to the domicile.
  9. Make payment from proof of registration.
  10. Print proof to issue SKCK according to the selected police station.
  11. Take the SKCK (it is recommended to be legalized immediately) that has been issued.

SKCK Renewal Fee

To apply for an SKCK extension, you will be charged the same fee as making a new SKCK, which is IDR 30 thousand. This fee does not include taking care of the need to collect terms and files such as photos or photocopies of documents.

For the record, there is a slight difference in the cost of extending the SKCK for Indonesian citizens and foreigners. For more details, please check the points below:

  1. SKCK issuance fee for Indonesian citizens: IDR 30.000,-
  2. SKCK issuance fee for foreigners: IDR 60,000
  3. Cover letter management fee (tentative).
  4. Cost of legalizing a photocopy of SKCK (each region applies a different fee policy).

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Well, that’s what we can share and also explain to you, hopefully what we share with you you can use well. That’s a review about How to Extend SKCK Online and Offline. Good luck!

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