How to Get Letter Avatar in Free Fire
How to Get Letter Avatar in Free Fire

How to Get Letter Avatar in Free Fire

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How to Get Letter Avatar in Free Fire – Playing games has indeed become one of the activities that are now often carried out by young people and adults, this is because it can cause the mind to be fresher or fresher after doing activities all day at work or school. One of the games that is often played is Free Fire or often known as FF. But lately many are curious about the Avatar Letters that are viral and trending among FF gamers themselves.

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The old FF alphabet letter avatar is now back for loyal players, a lot of FF game players are asking how to get the letter avatar so you can make it permanent when in-game. For this reason, the admin here will provide more information about the Free Fire character avatar. Therefore, read the full article only on the tondanoweb blog.

Avatar FF Letters

If you are an old player from the Free Fire Mobile game, of course you are certainly no stranger to this Free Fire Letter Avatar. This ff letter avatar item is now back in front of its loyal players. In fact, many FF players don’t know if the avatar item is coming back, because the item is not in the event.

Avatar FF Letters

Avatar Letter FF is one of the features available in the Free Fire Mobile game or game that has actually been around for a long time, but has now been brought back to its loyal players. His presence has now become the most awaited by players, even now it is a viral and trending keyword on Google.

Developer Garena has re-opened sales of Free Fire Alphabet avatars, here’s how to get Cheap Free Fire Alphabet Letters for only Rp. 5 thousand, Do this so that it works and you can get it easily to buy and use the FF Letter Profile.

How to Get Letter Avatar in Free Fire

As a loyal player of the Free Fire game, of course you really pay attention to PP or often referred to as your free fire account profile photo. You certainly want your PP Free Fire to look cool and of course unique compared to your other friends. Therefore, the Avatar in a game can sometimes describe the character of the FF player. For that, the admin will provide a complete tutorial on how to get the FF Letter Avatar.

  1. As usual you have to open the apk game from Free Fire Normal or Free Fire Max.
  2. Log in using the account you have on your android phone.
  3. Click the Shop button to enter the Shop feature.
  4. After that you can click the Item menu.
  5. Just scroll down until you find the Letter Avatar yourself.
  6. Click the avatar of the letter you want to purchase.
  7. Press the 5,000 Gold button to purchase an alphabet avatar with gold.
  8. If you want to immediately use the avatar then you can click the Wear button directly.
  9. Done.

Avatar FF Old

when you hear the keyword Old FF Avatar, of course, it is very identical to the old feature and has been widely used in the old version. This can make players nostalgic again with these features.

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You can buy all the avatar alphabets in the FF game without exception or without a maximum purchase made by the players. Later, the purchase of character avatars in Free Fire can be done directly through the Shop feature in the game, not through the FF event. And of course you have to prepare Gold so you can buy the avatar you want.


Garena Free Fire is one of the trending and most played shooter games today. Its futuristic & special features attract gamers towards it. The gameplay, graphics, warriors, warfare & thrilling sound are no doubt better than playing MOBA. Therefore, the developer or developer of this game is very enthusiastic in providing new features to the players, including the Old character ff avatar and the latest version of the current version of ff avatar which is presented to the players themselves.

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