How to Mark Location on Google Map On Android Device
How to Mark Location on Google Map On Android Device

How to Mark Location on Google Map On Android Device

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Marking a location on Google Maps is intended to make it easier to return to the same place.

Such as home address, office, and so forth. So there is no need to search manually in search every time you travel. Users just need to enter it on the Maps homepage.

When you don’t know the area, roads, and surrounding conditions, using Google Maps you can find a solution.

Everything will be smooth thanks to the help of this one directional application. Although there are many similar applications, perhaps Maps is better known because it is installed by default.

Advantages Of Maps So Much Used

Besides being automatically installed on mobile devices, users will definitely delete or ignore it if it’s not good.

However, the Maps directions application has many advantages that are very useful for road users. Especially online motorcycle taxi drivers.

What are the interesting things that are the advantages of Maps compared to others. Let’s discuss together in the explanation below. Which some people may not know. Here are the advantages:

1. Can Inform Traffic Congestion Hours

As with other navigation applications, Maps will also display the distance traveled, the length of the trip, and the direction of the road.

However, Google Maps offers an alternative route selection feature. So users can avoid traffic jams and take the fast lane.

Even so, users still need to pay attention to these alternative routes. Is it one way or two ways.

Is it passable by the vehicle that was brought. As well as whether it is safe and crowded conditions. Why? Because this will provide comfort as well as security.

2. Suggest Nearby Locations

If the user wants to refuel, look for food, and other needs.

Maps can recommend nearby locations with a variety of options along with other user reviews.

So can consider before departure. Can also perform specific searches.

3. There is a Guide Feature

Where this feature can provide an opportunity for users to be a guide. Give stars, reviews, and more complete information.

That way, other users can find out by reading the menu that is displayed.

4. Introducing Destinations to Remote Areas

Google Maps always adds new routes to small alleys as alternative routes for users. Although still not optimal.

Given that there are still many who are lost. Or maybe because the user still doesn’t understand the application interface. Who knows.

Of course every road that the Maps tracker takes can be displayed on the navigation route. So that makes shops, destinations, restaurants, and others become famous.

Plus the guide feature after the user visits something that may still be new.

5. Can Track Covid Area

When the Pandemic is still touching, users need to get information about the area to be addressed.

Make sure you are in the green zone to be safe from transmission. And Maps can inform each area affected by Covid the most.

How to Mark Locations on Google Maps

This action is important when the user is traveling to a new workplace or a new location that will be visited frequently.

The goal is to make it easier to search as well so you don’t forget. So it is recommended to mark the location on Google Maps, namely by:

  1. Open the Maps application.
  2. Find and place precisely the direction to go.
  3. If you have, press a few moments to display a pop up menu of options. Right at the red mark on the map.
  4. Then press save.
  5. Don’t forget to enter the category provided. Like favorite, want to go or starred place. But you can also create your own category.
  6. Don’t forget to also name the saved location.
  7. Then, share it to several other platforms as you wish.
  8. To be able to access it again, simply press the save icon on the app’s homepage.

Quite easy is not how to mark the location on Google Maps. Users can try it if they don’t know the advantages it has.

The Maps application is most widely used to help reach a destination address.

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