How to Restore Whatsapp Chat from Google Drive is Very Easy

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Currently the WhatsApp application is very trending among the people so that anyone can use it. Frequent use of this application makes users want to restore chat contained in the application. Therefore, there is a way to restore WhatsApp chat from Google Drive that can be used.

The method in question is certainly quite easy and does not make users feel confused. Because users only need to open the Google Drive application they have to use this method. For more details, the following is an explanation regarding how to restore WA chat via Google Drive:

1. Uninstall and Reinstall the WA Application

The way that users can do is to first uninstall the WA application they have. After that, download the application again and on the start page you have to press the Agree and Continue button. Just enter the cellphone number registered in the WA account.

After entering the number, the user can immediately press the OK button on the screen display. If the entered mobile number matches your WA account, the application will automatically send an SMS. The content of the SMS is a 6-digit code.

2. Enter Code

As explained earlier, the user will receive an SMS containing a 6-digit code and must be entered into the provided field. Later there will be a column provided to enter the code. The purpose of entering this code is to authenticate your WA account.

If the code entered by the user is correct, the application will immediately verify the account. This process takes a few minutes so the user must wait until the account has been verified. In addition, this process aims to detect whether there is a backup in the WA account.

3. Restore Chat

If it is detected if the account you have has a backup, the application will automatically direct the user to do a restore. The way to restore WhatsApp chat from Google Drive is by clicking the Continue button. By clicking this button means the user has agreed.

The user agrees to restore chats owned by the WA application. After that, on the Backup Found page, information will be displayed. Where the information is related to the amount of data and also the estimate that will be used for this restore process.

4. Click the Restore button

If you already know the amount of data needed in this process, the user can immediately click the Restore button. To find this button, users can look at the bottom and there is a green column with the words Restore.

When this process takes place, the time it takes is a little longer, especially if you have quite a lot of data. Later the user clicks Next when the process is complete to fill in the account profile. In filling out the account profile, the user is asked to enter a name and photo.

5. Enter Gmail Account

This last step is to enter your Gmail account. The goal is to make it easier for users to easily backup WA chats. Users can choose daily backups to a number of months contained in the display.

If you have chosen a WA chat backup time, just click the Done button at the bottom of the screen. Automatically, the user will enter the WA account they have. That way, users can use this application to communicate like before.

That’s a complete explanation related to how to restore WhatsApp chat from Google Drive that users can do. Because sometimes users need a long chat to find out some information. Therefore, it is very important to restore WA chat to be done.

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