How to Set Google Chrome as Default Browser on HP and PC
How to Set Google Chrome as Default Browser on HP and PC

How to Set Google Chrome as Default Browser on HP and PC

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Browsers are really needed to exist, as well as how to set google chrome as default browser on an android phone will help access all links to chrome.

For Android smartphone users, usually in general there is already Google Chrome as the default from the cellphone. But sometimes the browser is not used as the default browser of smartphone.

But what is used as the default is the default browser from the brand smartphone certain, like xiaomi cellphones there are mi browsers, oppo browsers, vivo browsers, etc

Considering this Google Chrome browser, many people already feel comfortable because it looks pleasing to the eye, it also has features that are not available in other ways.

In addition, there is the addition of an adblock that serves to block all ads that appear. Features display to be like a laptop is also provided in it.

1# How to Set Google Chrome as Default on Android Phone

Now, let’s go straight to the discussion on how to set up Google Chrome to be used as a mainstay in opening various addresses of the intended link.

Then what are the steps, please see below:

  1. First, please open Arrangement on HP
  2. Next select Apps & Notifications
  3. Then choose Default Apps
  4. Then on Browser Application Please select Chrome
  5. Done

Chrome Default di HP Android

To return to other browser settings, please select another browser application that appears in the options above.

2# How to Make Chrome Default Browser on Windows 7 & 8 PC

Laptop or computer users can also apply chrome as the default browser, so you can follow the steps below:

  1. First, please select Start
  2. After that select Control Panel
  3. Then choose Programs
  4. Then select Default Programs and Set Your Default Programs
  5. Next select Google Chrome
  6. Then choose Set this program as default on the right side and OK
  7. Done

Cara Setting Chrome Default di PC

Too bad to apply the above method only applies to users who install windows 7 & 8 only.

The final word

By applying some of the steps provided above, the Chrome browser should open every link in the WhatsApp or other application.

It is possible that other browsers (opera, mozilla, via, uc browser) will also have the same settings when they are set to be the default.

Maybe that’s what the author can convey regarding how to set google chrome as the default.

Hopefully useful, thank you for visiting this blog.

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