How to speed up IDM easily and without using complicated
How to speed up IDM easily and without using complicated

How to speed up IDM easily and without using complicated

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Probably many are still asking How How to Speed ​​Up IDM? If you feel it’s still slow you can do some of the methods that we will discuss here.

Those methods are IDM optimizer, cmd, idm settings and registry editor which can produce download speed up to 30 mbps.

Because indeed those of us who often download large files from the internet need to download very quickly.

Internet Download Manager or IDM is a download manager software that is widely used to download various types of files/data such as videos, music, applications, games, and so on.

And this software is the fastest download manager software out of various existing download manager applications.

Actually there are several factors that affect our download speed such as the average speed of the network we use, download servers, and various other things.

However, by using IDM, the download process will be faster. IDM has the ability to speed up the control process by breaking our downloaded files into several parts.

Then put it back together after all the data is downloaded. Let’s start with the first method.

How to Speed ​​Up IDM: Setting IDM

The first method we can use is quite simple. We only need to make some settings on the Internet Download Manager application that we use.

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How to speed up IDM downloads :

  1. Open IDM App on your PC
    Click the IDM image on your desktop
  2. Then the fox tipe Connection Becomes High Speed :
    Direct Connection (Ethernet/Cable) / Wifi / Mobile 4G / Other.
  3. If our speed reaches 1 mbps or more, setting the number to 32.
    However, if the speed is only a few kbps or not up to 1 mbps, change the number to 16.

How to Speed ​​Up IDM: Setting Registry Editor

For the next method, we can manage IDM via Registry Editor or regedit.

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How to speed up IDM download with Regedit:

  • Open Windows Run on the start menu and select run, or do it by pressing Windows + R on the keyboard at the same time.
  • Once open type regedit then click OK or press Enter.
How to Speed ​​Up IDM
  • Tab Computer > Software> Internet download manager then select HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
How to Speed ​​Up IDM
  • Then right click on Connection Speed then select modify. Then the settings display will appear. Change the numbers in the options Value Data Becomes 999999.
How to Speed ​​Up IDM
  • Before click OK make sure that on Base Options we choose Decimal

IDM Optimizer

How to Speed ​​Up IDM

For those of us who find it complicated in various ways above. We can use this one method. Namely using an additional application called IDM Optimizer.

To use this application, we simply download it for free on the internet.


The next way is to use a proxy. we will use a proxy to be a bridge between the computer and the download server.

How to speed up downloads with a proxy:

  • Run the web browser on our computer.
  • After that, go to the website of the proxy provider you want, for example we can use HideMyAss.
  • After the site opens in options Anonymity Level select Low .
How to Speed ​​Up IDM
  • In addition to options Connection Time and also Speed tick Fast.
  • Leave other settings like default. Then click Update Result.
How to Speed ​​Up IDM
  • Then several proxies from around the world will appear that we can use.
  • Open IDM. After that go to the Download menu then option.
How to Speed ​​Up IDM
  • Next on Tab Proxy/Socks. Fill in the proxy fields and also the port in the HideMyAss proxy earlier. After that click OK.

By using this method we can try it again and again. By trying various proxies that appear to get the speed we want.

Those are some ways that we can use to speed up the download process using IDM.

Please use whichever method suits you best or you can use all the methods above. But remember that method can only maximize download speed.

The resulting speed will also vary depending on the average download speed of the network we are using and also the speed provided by the download server.

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So those are some ways to speed up the download connection in the IDM application that we discussed in this article, Hopefully it’s useful, Thank you

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