How to Unlock Andromax Prime All Types + Root
How to Unlock Andromax Prime All Types + Root

How to Unlock Andromax Prime All Types + Root

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How to Unlock Andromax Prime All Types + Root and how to enable debugging complete with tutorials & videos. Read more below

Before trying to unlock the Andromax Prime type smartfreen, it’s good to think again, because actually this type of cellphone already has interesting and best features in its class.

With a price of Rp. 149,000 – Rp. 299,000 you can already enjoy the features of WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube on this device.

Can also be used as a hotspot and capable of up to 3 devices with good signal strength.

Andromax Prime has a mocordroid os 4.4.4, that means a mini version of android kitkat that is able to install android applications such as instagram, but with unlock.

So, here is how to unlock andromax prime for all types 5.4 / 5.4s / 5.7 / 5.7s that we got from various sources. Check out some of the ways below

Cara Unlock Andromax Prime ALL Type

Unlock Andromax Prime

To unlock andromax prime in order to be able to install applications with apk files and use GSM operators requires several tools, as below:

  1. PC / Laptop
  2. Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool
  3. Sign-em V.2.0
  4. and files

For the problem, please search on Google because we do not provide files that violate copyright and violate DMCA regulations

The steps to do this, please see below

1. Enable USB debugging

  • Press ##83781##
  • Select (debug & log)
  • Design For Test
  • CMCC then press OK
  • MTBF
  • Then Press MTBF
  • Please Wait
  • Select and Confirm
  • If you have then restart the HP
  • Happy USB Debug On.

2. Sign with sign-em

  • First extract the file
  • Put into the input folder
  • Run sign-em.bat
  • When finished, the file is in the output folder with the name
  • Rename it to
  • For the file, leave it alone

3. Ekstrak Minimal ADB fastboot tool portable

4. Copy the file that has been signed and to the adb fastboot folder for convenience

5. Activate airplane mode on the Andromax Prime cellphone and connect it to the PC via USB

6. Buka cmd-here.exe

7. Check the connected device by typing: adb devices

8. Push the and files by typing:

  • adb push /sdcard/adupsfota/
  • adb push /sdcard/adupsfota/

9. Check the files that have been pushed by typing:

  • adb shell
  • cd /sdcard/adupsfota/
  • ls

10. if it is correct there will be a file:

How to Root Andromax Prime

Start the root process. still in adb shell,

1. Type:

  • pm clear com.smartfren.fota
  • monkey -p 1
  • am start -n com.smartfren.fota / com.adups.fota.FotaPopupUpateActivity

2. on the cellphone press download, ignore the error notification

3. Then in the adb shell type:
am start -n com.smartfren.fota/com.adups.fota.FotaInstallDialogActivity

  • on the cellphone an install popup appears, don’t press install first

4. In the adb shell type:
rm; mv

  • Do not enter first

5. on the cellphone press download by getting ready to press enter in the adb shell (PC)

  • On the cellphone there is a notification “open the package, don’t be interrupted”

6. press enter when the notification “open the package, don’t be interrupted” is gone and before the cellphone reboots

Tutorial Video

For the video method, please see the video, which was uploaded by ahka net. Hopefully he has found many ways to help beginners.

That’s how to unlock andromax prime for various types, hopefully it helps. But it should be noted that you have to think twice about rooting this cellphone, it’s not impossible that one day Andromax will open the lock to install applications on Andromax Prime

How to Update an Error Whatsapp on Andromax Prime

For those of you who don’t want to root your cellphone, but just want to solve it so that WhatsApp can be used, that is by updating the system

Sign in by going to menu > extras > system update

that way, Whatsapp will return to normal and can be used again

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