How to Withdraw FUND Balance at Alfamart, Alfamidi and other agents

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For you DANA digital wallet users, it turns out that you can withdraw your DANA balance at minimarkets such as Alfamart and Alfamidi.

You can also withdraw your DANA balance in cash at several agents that work with DANA, such as the pawnshop, lawson to DAN-DAN.

Before withdrawing your DANA balance at the mini market, there are several conditions that you must fulfill. that is, the DANA account has been upgraded to premium, and the remaining DANA balance is at least Rp. 54,500.

Steps to Withdraw Fund Balance

Please follow the steps below to withdraw your DANA balance at Alfamart, Alamdi and several other agents.

4 Questions about withdrawing DANA balance

Here are some questions and answers about withdrawing DANA balances at mini markets and agents supported by the DANA application.

Is there an admin fee?

No, it’s free for 10 withdrawals, then admin fees will be charged

What is the minimum DANA balance that can be withdrawn?

IDR 50,000, apply in multiples.

If you have a balance of IDR 260,000, only IDR 250,000 can be withdrawn.

What is the maximum withdrawal amount?

For the first time the maximum withdrawal is IDR 250,000, then a maximum of IDR 10,000,000 (1 million)

Do I have to upgrade to premium DANA?

Yes, only premium DANA accounts can withdraw cash through supported minimarkets or agents


It is very easy to withdraw your DANA balance in cash at minimarkets and official agents who work with DANA. You can withdraw your DANA balance without admin fees up to 10 times.

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