In the midst of being busy being a mother, women still have to do self-development
In the midst of being busy being a mother, women still have to do self-development

In the midst of being busy being a mother, women still have to do self-development

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WMOTION.CO.ID – Being a mother has a lot of demands. One of them must be able to perform multiple roles at one time. Not only taking care of household needs, but also ensuring adequate nutrition for children, ensuring the cleanliness of children’s and father’s clothes, creating a comfortable atmosphere, and taking care of family health.

But unfortunately, in the midst of being busy being a mother, many women end up neglecting their own development. This is based on data from research conducted by Mama’s Choice, which found 73% of mothers found themselves rarely or no longer able to take self-development classes.

Through Wonder Mama Camp 2022, Mama’s Choice runs an online program for more than 14 days to support mothers to be the best versions of themselves, and to be even better mothers for their families.

“We deliberately designed an exclusive class program, namely parenting, self care, mental health & finance with experts to invite mothers to become Wonder Mamas who are strong, shining, and inspiring for themselves and their families. Also an invitation for them to pay attention to their appearance and have healthy skin, even though they are busy being mothers,” said Rahne Putri, Head of Branding, at the Wonder Mama Awarding Ceremony which took place online some time ago.

From more than 700 mothers who have participated in the registration and selection process, 20 finalists have been selected who have the opportunity to take part in a whole series of self-development and skin care classes. Not only that, they also need to complete challenges and also share inspiration with other mothers through social media to get the Wonder Mama title from Mama’s Choice in 2022.

Wonder Mama Camp 2022 opens on May 19, 2022. The finalists are provided with a Content Creator Kit that can be used to learn to become an Influencer, facilities to consult with an expert psychologist through the mental recovery application, namely Riliv, as well as the entire product range of Mama’s Choice Skin Expert Series.

The Wonder Mama Camp 2022 program and class also presents various experts and competent figures to fill self-development classes, such as Dhatu Rembulan as Content Creato who provides material in the I Love Me 3000 class, Damar Wijayanti as Positive Parenting Educator who fills the Funtastic Parenting class, Ligwina Hananto as CEO & Lead Financial Trainer of QM Financial who was a speaker in the Mastering the Good Money Habit class, and Raden Prisya as Mindfulness Practitioner who explained new goals and better self-understanding.

The highlight of the Wonder Mama Camp 2022 event, namely the Wonder Mama Awarding Ceremony, was announced by participants who were entitled to the title of Wonder Mama and had the opportunity to get various prizes with a total of hundreds of millions of rupiah.

“The finalists who are crowned Wonder Mama 2022 will become inspirational influencers, and will receive cash prizes, exclusive contracts and projects with Mama’s Choice, as well as the opportunity to develop and try our new products and we also provide Mama’s Choice products for a full year,” said Rahne.

One of the groups that won the group challenge from Wonder Mama Camp 2022 is “Mama Macan”.

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