Information Leaks Continue, Moonton Starts Acting Hard on Leaker Mobile Legends
Information Leaks Continue, Moonton Starts Acting Hard on Leaker Mobile Legends

Information Leaks Continue, Moonton Starts Acting Hard on Leaker Mobile Legends

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So far, we always get the latest information or leaks about Mobile Legends from Leakers. Maybe until now we don’t know where they got the leaks about skins, heroes, or events that will come in the future. However, the leakers are certainly very helpful for us to find out.

However, have you ever thought that Moonton is actually not happy if their information is leaked? It seems that concern has already started to happen. Because lately, Moonton has often been on patrol to do streak against posts or accounts that post leaks about Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends Leaker Account Affected by Strike

This incident has actually happened often, where leak accounts posted if their posts were exposed copyright or copyright claims from Moonton.

One of them is a famous leak account on Twitter, namely @Txtmlbb who posted that Moonton had acted decisively against the leakers who were starting to worry.

In the post, it was written that the uploaded photo or video did not include the source, so Moonton as the publisher of Mobile Legends immediately claimed the copyright of the post.

You may post content to Facebook only if you have the legal right to do so. You must create all content yourself, have permission from the content owner, or you use content that is eligible for fair use of other people’s copyrights.

A Sign of the End for Leakers?

Mobile Legends Ui
Mobile Legends UI | Indozone

Of course this is a bad sign for Mobile Legends leakers. Where if they keep getting hit copyrightof course they will not be able to provide information about the latest leaked events or skins that will be present in Mobile Legends in the future.

If this really happens, then we must be prepared if we will not know about the latest events or things that will be present in this game made by Moonton.

However, we hope that in the future this will not happen. Because if there are no leakers, then it feels like something is less certain.

Well, that’s just the information about Moonton who started to act decisively against the Leak Mobile Legends account. Keep visiting Gamedaim News to always get the latest information about other Mobile legends.

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