Latest June 2022 Schedule & Prices + Agent
Latest June 2022 Schedule & Prices + Agent

Latest June 2022 Schedule & Prices + Agent

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Giri Indah Bus Ticket – PO Giri Indah has been known for a long time as a land transportation service provider in Indonesia.

This bus is famous for its age of experience accompanying people on trips from time to time for decades.

With such a mature age, of course, the services and facilities provided are also the best.

Giri Indah Bus Ticket
Giri Indah Bus Ticket

Because this bus has gone through various changing times, it is certain that it is able to adapt to meet the needs of the community in terms of transportation.

For those of you who want to use PO Giri Indah as a means of transportation of choice, of course you must know and understand various important information from this bus.

That way, you can better consider using this bus. What’s more, this new bus has a lot of amazing experiences.

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Profile of PO Giri Indah

The Giri Indah Bus started operating around 1970. This means that this bus has been around for decades and has managed to go through various changing times.

This success is certainly a positive thing because not many buses are unable to survive the scourge of the times.

However, in 1998 this bus also experienced a decline and crisis.

Of course this is due to the monetary crisis that hit the country.

Even so, Giri Indah Bus is able to rise and return to meet the needs of the community with all the latest developments and innovations.

This bus, which is identical to the green and white colors, has a fleet that can clearly guarantee the safety and security of its passengers.

Moreover, the facilities offered dare to compete with other land transportation service providers.

Even so, the ticket price for this bus is very cheap and affordable for all people.

No wonder many people rely on this bus as a preferred means of transportation to get to their destination safely and safely.

This bus also has a wide route. That way, you don’t have to worry about this bus not having the route you want.

Moreover, this bus has a very long life which means it will be very easy to find in various areas.

Giri Indah Bus Classes & Facilities

With a long life, of course, the class and facilities provided to passengers are also the best in their class.

So, what classes and facilities will you get when you ride the Giri Indah bus?

Giri Indah Bus only provides one class, namely VIP AC with 2-2 seating arrangements.

So, you as a passenger will get a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during the trip.

The bus fleet is always cleaned regularly, the bus interior is always neat so it’s pleasing to the eye.

Giri Indah Bus provides complete facilities and is able to compete with other bus companies.

Of course this can be a distinct advantage for the passengers. The following are the Giri Indah Bus facilities that passengers get.

  • Full AC
  • Port Charger
  • Toilet
  • Reclining seat
  • TV
  • Blanket Pillow
  • Music
  • Hand Rest
  • Leg rest

Latest Giri Indah Bus Ticket Prices

Route Bus Class Price (Rp)
Jakarta – Palembang VIP AC 210.000
Tangerang – Palembang VIP AC 210.000
Bekasi – Palembang VIP AC 210.000
Palembang – Tangerang VIP AC 210.000
Palembang – Merak VIP AC 210.000

NB: Giri Indah bus ticket prices can change at any time without prior notice.

List of Nearest Giri Indah Bus Agents

As a bus that has been in the ground transportation service for a long time, the Giri Indah bus is very easy to find.

This is of course due to the large number of agents scattered in various regions.

That way, you can easily get information from ticket prices to complete travel schedules.

The following is one of the Giri Indah Bus agents that you can contact:

1. Giri Indah Bus Agent Bandar Lampung

  • Address : RajaBasa Main Terminal, Jalan Indra Bangsawan, Rajabasa, Bandar Lampung
  • Phone : 081379209572

2. Giri Indah Bitung Bus Agent

  • Address : Jl Raya Serang, Km. 10, 5, Bitung, Kab. Tangerang
  • Phone : 082110742957

3. Giri Indah Palembang Bus Agent

  • Address : Jl. Alamsyah Ratu Prawiranegara No.72, Bukit Lama, Kec. Ilir Barat I, Palembang City
  • Phone : (0711)446629

4. Bus Agent Giri Indah Bekasi

  • Address : Jl. A. Yani No. 74, Marga Jaya, Kec. South Bekasi, Bekasi City
  • Phone : 081266078418

5. Giri Indah Jakarta Bus Agent

  • Address : Jl. Makaliwe Raya No.18A, Kec. Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta City
  • Phone : (021) 5661994


That’s the information about the latest Giri Indah bus ticket prices, complete with routes, classes, and the nearest agent. May be useful.

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