Mamba Girls to Cake Girls, Korean Idols and Actresses Can Be Inspirations for Today’s Outfits!

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Recently, there are several categories outfit which is being widely discussed through various Indonesian social media. Are mamba girls, earth girls, and cake girls, distinguishing the colors and styles of clothing from women.

Some of these South Korean female idols also often show appearances in these clothing categories, can be your inspiration to participate in performing with outfit nowadays.

1. Mamba Girl

For those of you who are K-Pop fans, of course, immediately remember the debut song from aespa entitled “Black Mamba”, which is one of their enemies in KWANGYA, which has the form of a giant black snake.

Focus on the color, mamba girls are those who use it often outfit with black or dark colors, showing a bold side but still beautiful.

Giselle Aespa (

Giselle from aespa shows that she is the ‘original’ mamba girl. This Japanese-blooded idol looks beautiful with dress embossequipped with a reinforcing belt vibe badassher.

Mbak Biblee aka Lee Sung Kyung also looked charming in a black slit dress, showing off her long legs. Equipped with silver-black earrings, adding to the glamorous impression, it can be your inspiration to attend semi-formal events.

Lee Sung Kyung (

Starting from dresses, bags, to black shoes, they are outfit which is used by Rose BLACKPINK, being a mamba girl to the fullest. Not only dominated by style fierceRose also inserts a sweet look from the mamba girl by adding a ribbon to her hair.

2. Earth Girl

Neutral colors become the ‘main weapon’ for earth girls, highlighting the soft impression behind colors such as brown, gray, or green.

Yerin, former GFRIEND, is one of the unnies that you can ‘cheat’ with her dress style. With a silver sand color suit combined with a white shirt and shoes and sling bagmaking Yerin yang bubbly more friendly.

Jung Yerin ((

Weki Meki’s little one, Yoojung, looks like she’s blended in behind the flowers with coat brown in color. White is indeed a favorite combination of earth girls, which Yoojung uses a shirt for underwear outfither.

Yoojung Weki Meki (

Kim Goeun joined as the ‘member’ of the earth girl, with a cute appearance with a long brown skirt. The calm impression is getting brighter from the actress who starred in the drama Yumi’s Cell this.

Kim Goeun (
3. Cake Girl

Shown with bright colors does not make outfit they are weird. The bold color combination of these Korean idols, coupled with a tiny bag is the complete definition of a cake girl.

SNSD’s Tiffany is one of them, known for her unique fashion style, the ‘Pink Monster’ turned into ‘Purple Monster’ with outfit all purple. Combined with a purple heart bag, the senior idol looks like a blueberry layer cake.

Tiffany SNSD (

Want to try to appear with a summer feel, the style from Sunmi that appears full set with this pink color can be your inspiration. Top pink paired with a full shirt patterndon’t forget the matching colored mini bag will definitely make you look cute.

Bored (

These two members of Red Velvet appear like their group name is similar to one of the flavors of a cake. The combination of green and purple is not a problem for Seulgi, like the combination of Green Velvet with purple macaron. Seulgi’s tiny bag made overcome by cuteness don’t you?

Seulgi Red Velvet (

Want to look like a cake but with a feminine style? Joy could be the answer. Outer and a colorful bag to match the sweet pink span skirt.

Joy Red Velvet (

Well, from outfit mamba girls, earth girls, and cake girls from the 10 South Korean idols and actresses above, which one will be your inspiration? (

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