Mills Unveils New Away Indonesia National Team Jersey: There’s Hope To Repeat The Victory

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Just two days after the release of the home jersey, the Indonesian national team has now officially launched their latest away kit, on Friday (1/7/2022).

Through a 50-second video released by Mills through his Instagram account, this time a naturalized player who is also a retainer for the senior national team, Marc Klok, appears as a model in this release.

Mills as the supplier of the Red and White Team’s apparel again presents white as the main color for this away jersey. While the green color will still be a companion, and accompanied by a little touch of blue.

The green and blue colors were chosen to represent the mountains and oceans of the country. This is in accordance with the concept of this costume, namely the natural wealth of the Indonesian state.

With a classic theme of the 1987 era combined with a few modern patterns, this away jersey is different from the home jersey, where on the jersey used in the opening match of the Indonesian U-19 national team in the AFF Cup, there are patterns of Garuda wings that are v-shaped. , which means vikthree on the cloth.

Jacquard technology is also used in this away jersey, whose motif is formed from the wings of a Garuda bird.

While on the collar, a touch of modern style is wrapped in Computerize flat knit or mills zaquarknit technology, making it look more elegant.

It is hoped that with this Apparel Away we can repeat our football achievements in the 1987 sea games.

“We are still carrying the classic theme for the 2022 away jersey, and combined with a few modern patterns, and it is hoped that with this Away Apparel we can repeat our football achievements in the 1987 sea games,” said Mills CEO, Tjia Kong Hou, in a statement. official.

Later this white jersey will be combined with turquoise green pants which are also different from the previous green color, as well as white socks when the Indonesian national team plays away.

There are two prices for the away jersey for the Indonesian national team. The price is for player jerseys issued or used by players and the price is for replica costumes.

“The price for the issued jersey for the player type is Rp. 939 thousand, then the replica type is Rp. 439 thousand. For fans of the national team who want to buy a jersey, it can be obtained in mid-July,” he added.

For sales locations, this Jersey can be found in all Mills Stores. Including shops that are partners of Mills.

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