Nighttime Siraman Catfish Bait
Nighttime Siraman Catfish Bait

Nighttime Siraman Catfish Bait

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Nighttime Siraman Catfish Bait

Nighttime Siraman Catfish Bait. Catfish bait at night. Catfish is one of the animals that live in fresh water.

Nighttime Siraman Catfish Bait
Citrus Scented Catfish Bait from

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder. That is steamed until cooked, can also be burned, and fried. Put all the ingredients in a container.

This type of freshwater catfish likes a fishy smell like blood and the like.

For those of you who like fishing for catfish at night, then you need accurate bait so that when fishing you don’t get bored so you can get large amounts of fish catch. After the eel is ready, you can immediately attach it to the hook. In these conditions, these fish become more voracious, have a high hunger and move more actively.

Daily Night Catfish Bait Is Also Specially Made To Be More.

Catfish fishing bait at night. #mancingmania #umpanjitu #galatamalele galatama catfish bait, galatama catfish bait at night, galatama catfish bait for pellet media 781 at night, um. Here are 5 types of bait that are guaranteed to be effective for catfish fishing at night:

Fish That Have Whiskers Like Cats Usually Live In Rivers, Lakes And Aquaculture Ponds.

Feed catfish at night so that it grows fast. Feed catfish at night with worm ingredients. In addition to beef, another type of meat that is also very possible for you to make catfish fishing bait at night is chicken meat, especially on the wings.

As explained above, catfish tend to be less active and less aggressive during the day.

Catfish is one of the animals that live in fresh water. Because the hobby is the same, there’s nothing wrong with all the tricks and fishing techniques, don’t forget to share the catfish galatama bait in the pond. One of the strategies of anglers is to make catfish fishing bait concoctions during the day.

Read Galatama Catfish Favorite Food.

So the best time to fish for catfish is at night, recommended from 20.00 to 14.00 in the morning. Real honey, pellet pf 1000, shrimp paste. This species is a favorite in both racing and fishing and can be found all the time.

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