Paras Kalnawat of Anupamaa reveals the dark side of TV politics
Paras Kalnawat of Anupamaa reveals the dark side of TV politics

Paras Kalnawat of Anupamaa reveals the dark side of TV politics

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Indian television shows and the superhit show Anupamaa have shown us many characters that have been loved by fans across India. Of these favourites, recently, Paras Kalnawat pulled out of the show after his contract expired. Recently the actor was seen in a discussion where he called his termination from the show “PR Tactic”.

Paras played the role of samar shah in anupamaa and it was noted that his contract was terminated after allegedly not informing the makers of the show about signing up with Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 10.

Paras Kalnawat Reveals That Rupali Ganguly Didn't Even Contact Him After Being Evicted From The Show!

Recently Paras was talking to News18, where he told how there was a lot of politics in the industry and the only way to survive was to be a part of it. He said, “There are things which are visible to the people but there are also some things which are not happening in the forefront and people are not aware of them. I don’t want to talk too much about it, but I just want to say that there is a lot of politics around what my co-actress Anagha Bhosle also said in her interview. If you are not a part of this politics, you feel isolated. If you are a quiet person, you cannot survive in that politics, “It (politics) happens everywhere. I too have been a victim of this. There’s a lot of mess around.

Talking more about his termination, Paras also claimed that he had no idea about it, calling it a ‘PR tactic’. He said, “I had no idea about the dismissal as there was no meeting with me and no one even informed me about it. It happened overnight. I got termination letter in my mail at 8 PM, I got message from production that they have sent me termination letter on mail. Within 2-4 minutes there were news articles on it. It was all a PR strategy, I would say. I was not informed. On one hand, he sent me the termination letter, on the other hand, he sent it in the news everywhere.”

Taking more details about it, the actor believed that things would have been fine between them only when the makers of the show discussed their issues with him. He said, ‘If we would have sat together and talked, if Rajan (Royal) sir had let me meet him, things would have been sorted out. He messaged me that he doesn’t even want to meet me.

Apart from this, the actors also revealed that the lead actress Rupali Ganguly, who plays Anupama in the show, did not even contact (call or message) her after her termination, while the rest of the cast did. He said, ‘Nidhi must have called me. Called Muskan Bamne. Sudhanshu (Pandey) sir called and Madalsa Sharma messaged me. Ba aka Alpana Butch also gave me a message. Apart from this, no one has messaged me. Those who saw this and who also saw my social media post, if you notice, none of my co-actors even liked that post. It was liked by only Aashish Mehrotra. Apart from this, no one even liked that post because they want to be in the good book of the makers. I understand his part very well. Paras What are your thoughts on being out of the show, definitely tell us in the comment

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