Partiton Wipe Cache Functions on Android You Need to Know
Partiton Wipe Cache Functions on Android You Need to Know

Partiton Wipe Cache Functions on Android You Need to Know

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Have you ever turned off your android phone, then accidentally entered the recovery mode menu?

If so, then there is no need to worry if your phone is damaged. Because, every android phone must have this menu with a variety of choices.

One of them wipe data or factory reset. Do you know the function of these options? The wipe data or factory reset function is to restore the phone system to the factory settings when you first bought it.

This is usually forced to do when the owner of the phone forgets the password or the Android is locked, so inevitably it has to be set to the initial menu. Another option in the recovery mode menu is to install zip from SD card.

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Do you know the function of these options? That is to carry out the Android update process directly without having to go through an intermediary in the form of a computer or laptop.

Then, what about Wipe cache partition function on Android?

Yes, the wipe cache partition option is one of the options from the recovery mode menu on Android. Then, what Wipe cache partition function on Android?

Of course you already know that on Android there is a cache partition which is useful for temporarily storing system data (temporary).

Now, with the option of a cache partition, users can access applications and games more freely or quickly without lag. However, it should be realized that sometimes the cache files are expired or irregular which actually causes the user’s android phone to be slower.

If so, how do I restore or refresh the cache partition so that it can work normally or not expire? The trick is none other than through the wipe cache partition menu contained in recovery mode.

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Partiton Wipe Cache Functions on Android You Need to Know

The existence of this wipe cache process will also make cache files like when running applications or games for the first time. Thus, the application or game will be faster when run again

The Importance of Wipe Cache Partition

Before getting to know more about wipe cache partition function on android, Of course, many other users are wondering whether this process of wiping cache partition will later delete files or other data stored on the phone like a factory reset or wipe data? The answer is no.

You need to know, the wipe cache function is very different from wipe data or factory reset. Because, this wipe cache partition only cleans the cache files on the user’s android.

In fact, this process is recommended to be carried out periodically so that the performance of Android users is more agile or not slow. Thus, to run applications and games will be smooth without lag.

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How Does an Error Occur in the Cache Partition Process?

Although the process of wiping cache partition can be done successfully by many people, but there are also those who complain that an error occurs.

You need to know, most of these errors are because the user’s cellphone RAM can still access the partition in some activities. Well, to avoid this, every user is first advised to do a hard reboot so that RAM can work freely and data is not erased.

Apart from that, make sure to delete some useless data files as well as saved temp files.

From this review, of course you already understand Wipe cache partition function on Android to clear space on mobile device from useless junk. Do this wipe cache periodically for better phone performance.

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