Paul McCartney stuns at the first two shows in Auckland

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Never doubt Paul McCartney.

After the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of their shows in 2020, the top-tier Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has promised fans that it will return to the tours at some point.

He kept his word late last month with the launch of the Got Back Tour, which landed at the Oakland Arena on Friday, May 6.

“Good evening, Auckland,” the 79-year-old told the audience. “We are very happy to be back here after a long break.”

The Got Back tour — which actually looks like the title of the Sir Mix-a-Lot Road Show — includes a second date on Sunday at the Oakland Arena. So, if there are any moms in your life who are big Beatles fans, this might be the right ticket for Mother’s Day. (See for ticket details.)

Friday’s show was so much fun Sir Paul jogged in memories and glad hearts during a marathon show that lasted about 2 hours 40 minutes.

“Tonight, we’ve got some old songs, some new songs and some middle songs,” McCartney explained.

Any guesses that went better with the crowd?

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