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Children’s author Raymond Briggs, known for such classics as “Snowman,” “Father Christmas,” and “When the Wind Blows,” died Wednesday at the age of 88.

The obituary of beloved children’s author Raymond Briggs has been announced by his publisher, Penguin Random House.

His family released the following statement:

“We know Raymond’s books have been loved and inspired by millions of people around the world. They will be saddened to hear this news. Fans inspired by his books.” The paintings, especially those of children, were treasured by Raymond and pinned to the walls of his studio.

“He has lived a rich and fulfilling life and said he felt lucky to have had a wife, Jean, and a life partner of more than 40 years, Liz.

“He has taken walks through the South Downs and shared his love of nature with Liz on family trips to Scotland and Wales. I shared a sense of fun and madness with my family and the families of my artist friends.

“He played practical jokes and enjoyed having them played on him. All of us close to him knew his irreverent humor. I liked to describe it as a national treasure. “

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Born in 1934, Briggs was an English illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist and author. In his 1966 and his 1973 he won the Kate Greenaway Medal from the British Library Association for the best illustration of a children’s book on a British subject.

His iconic fairy tale, The Snowman, is a Christmas classic, adapted for television every year.

Tributes to Raymond Briggs have since flooded Twitter:

The news follows the death of American martial artist and fighter Gene LeBell, who died at the age of 89, as reported on Wednesday, August 10.

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