Read!  13 Ways for Cat Wounds to Heal Quickly Must Be Understood
Read! 13 Ways for Cat Wounds to Heal Quickly Must Be Understood

Read! 13 Ways for Cat Wounds to Heal Quickly Must Be Understood

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Injury to a companion cat is inevitable at any time, it can happen anytime, anywhere.


The reaction to a wound is certainly painful, but the degree of pain varies. As a cat owner, of course, it is a good companion to have a first aid kit for cats.
Especially equipment such as antiseptics and medicines. When the condition is complete, there are a number of important things you need to do. Here are 13 ways to speed up cat wound healing.

1. Know the shape of the wound

  • Closed sores: These sores are not directly visible but can cause pain to the touch. These injuries can only occur to internal organs or to bruises. Usually it will be bluish, sometimes swollen due to blood clots.
  • Open wounds: these sores are clearly visible. The types of open wounds also vary, namely: – scratches, or abrasions only from scratches generally there is usually a little bleeding. It can also be caused by a pet cat who likes to lick itchy skin, causing blisters from the pet cat’s sharp, sharp tongue. – Hollow wounds, these wounds are generally small but deep. May occur in cats with iron, wood.
  • Torn wound: usually clearly visible with an irregular shape. It can be caused by a bite from another animal, because of a conflict with another animal, it can also be due to an accident that causes a tearing injury.
  • Wounds: cuts, can be caused by sharp objects.

2. Prevent infection

If a cat fights, sometimes friends don’t even notice. Because sometimes injured pet cats are closed while in the tissues there are bacteria that can cause infection. For this, you can examine the body of the pet cat, such as on the head, forelegs and at the end of the tail. See if there is any swelling, then it might be a scar.

3. Examine the limbs

In addition, my friend can examine the cat’s entire body and feel if there are any tender areas, these areas may be causing pain. Another characteristic to consider is body temperature. If the pet cat has a fever, this is a characteristic of a pet cat that has an infection. Sometimes a pet cat can also be seen limping and licking certain areas that are injured areas.

4. Note the shape of the wound

It should be noted that the form of injury to the pet cat, because it will determine the treatment and subsequent actions. For example, lacerations and bleeding must of course be stopped by applying gentle pressure to prevent the wound from tearing.

5. Injuries that need to be taken to the vet immediately

Need to be taken to the vet: this condition is important if the injury is accompanied by excessive bleeding, a wide open injury that requires suturing and other injuries.

6. Treat with antiseptic

Wound care with antiseptics – Antiseptics are found in the market such as povidone iodine (betadine), rivanol. Do not clean the wound with alcohol as this can damage the tissue. Treatment for this injury also begins with the use of warm water to soften the tissue and reduce bacterial contamination. Warm water also helps dilate blood vessels so that increased blood flow to the wound will speed up wound healing.

7. Administration of drugs

Injury medications used for companion cats are safe and non-irritating. use natural remedies for wounds such as pure olive oil for pet cats if they are injured. The effect on the wound is good, the wound becomes drier and easier to close. Honey can also be an alternative for wound care, honey contains natural antibacterial compounds that can accelerate wound healing.

8. Prevent cats from licking wounds

The use of a mouthpiece on a pet cat is a tool that can be used on a pet cat, in the form of a funnel that can prevent cats from licking. a very important tool to speed up the healing of the injured.

When the wound heals naturally, the pet cat licks the wound and scratches it because of the pain, itching and discomfort. But it can make the injury worse. Especially in companion cats with spiked tongues, the sores will scratch and bleed.

9. Keep consulting the vet

Use of tools is very important under the advice and supervision of a veterinarian. At first, this does not make your pet cat comfortable because it is not used to it, even if it feels threatened by being disturbed. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the length of the funnel, the type of material, so as not to interfere with food or other activities.

10. Clean the wound with a syringe

Take the wound cleaning solution using a syringe, then gently spray it onto the wound area. Repeat until the wound is clean. Cleaning your wound can reduce wound contamination, which can increase the risk of infection in your companion cat.

11. Use of cotton

Dip a cotton swab in the wound cleanser and squeeze it into the wound area so that the wound can be cleaned. If the wound appears pus-filled, gently press the wound with a cotton swab to remove the pus. Remove as much pus as possible before continuing with the vet’s treatment.

12. Compress with hot water

You can compress the wound area with a warm compress. Leave the warm cloth on the wound area for a few minutes to smooth the hair and wash off the blood. Be careful not to be bitten by your beloved cat. Your cat will be sensitive when injured because he suffers from eternal pain.

13. Check with the vet

After cleaning the wound, examine it carefully to determine if the pet cat should be taken to the vet. If the wound is a cut on the surface of the skin, it can heal in a few days.

But if the wound is very deep, bleeding occurs in the neck or eye area, we must immediately take the cat to the vet. If the pet cat is behaving normally, wants to eat normally, then it can be said that the injury is not serious and you can only consult a veterinarian, not take him directly to the vet.

A few explanations of the material in the morning regarding “13 Ways for Cat Wounds to Heal Quickly Must Be Understood

Hopefully what is said is useful for cat lovers …!!!

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