Renovation Island Season 4: The Baeumlers move again while renovating a Florida home
Renovation Island Season 4: The Baeumlers move again while renovating a Florida home

Renovation Island Season 4: The Baeumlers move again while renovating a Florida home

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The kids grow more restless in the small quarters as their Florida home renovations continue. As a solution to the situation, Sarah moves the family to a neighboring rental apartment

Renovations to the Florida homes are underway and appear to be the main narrative for Season 4 of Renovation Island. However, as the restoration progresses, the living area becomes smaller and everyone becomes restless in the cramped spaces.

The Baeumler family has now relocated to South Florida after completing the resort’s renovation. Your Florida home was chosen for its affordable price. Of course, they also want to renovate their new house. Small planned renovations have turned into a massive home remodel in classic Bryan and Sarah fashion.


The couple also chose their Florida home for its proximity to the island resort and the ease with which they could return to Canada to do business. With the family plane stored right on the property, getting there and back is now much easier. Bryan finally took the time to get his pilot’s license and buy a tiny plane to help them fly around.

When the Baeumlers began restoring their Florida home, significant changes were made to the living arrangement. Their youngest child, Josephine, moved in with their parents while their middle children, Lincoln and Charlotte, shared a room. Although the new living arrangement seemed unrealistic to the children, Sarah explained that she and Bryan just went back to the island, all under one roof, in a very small space – practically living in one room. She remarked that Lincoln and Charlotte are as dumb as thieves, and while they make great roommates, they scare her as they can quickly cause a lot of mischief. Because none of the children are tidy and organized, they have clothes thrown under the mattresses, food next to the beds and unmade beds – all in all a chaotic situation.

While Sarah and Bryan still live there, they cut into every single room and tear down walls on an entire side of the house. This meant a gradual retreat until they lived in a one-room villa with all the children and animals. When Bryan suggests getting the family an RV to live in while the renovations are underway, Sarah quickly seeks a separate off-site spot to live. She shows Bryan a two bedroom property with a large open plan area. She claims it’s been three years since she’s had her own place to work and be creative. Bryan, on the other hand, has issues with the space as it’s more of an urban area, which means it’s noisy and has an unfamiliar atmosphere. Bryan suggests keeping it on the list, but Sarah should see what else is available. He notes that while the space in the apartment is fantastic, the location isn’t perfect. The demo started with a flashback to previous seasons. Flashbacks to countless occasions when the family thought they’d never do that again, but here they are – they jumped right in.

Everyone is overjoyed to have their eldest son, Quintyn, back in the family. Although happy to meet everyone, he realizes how crowded the place is. Though the Baeumlers lived in even tighter quarters than Florida, they’ve had the flexibility to hike the beach, hop off the boat, and explore the region — now that they’re all in one place together for hours, the bickering has begun.

Bryan, who had hoped to live in an RV parked in the hangar, finds his dream fading as the space is filled with supplies for the renovation. Bryan, who was initially opposed to Sarah’s suggestion that he rent a property for the time being, eventually relents. They end up renting a property two blocks away, a 30-second golf cart ride away, which is really convenient. They are still in the same neighborhood as their original home, so their friends are still close and the kids can participate in their activities and know how to get to school. Bryan says their current rental is the same property they bought, but it was in poor condition at the time but has now been renovated and looks great. Sarah says the rental was actually for the kids as she and Bryan have lived in all sorts of conditions and survived the construction process, but the kids are getting bigger and older and she feels like they’re getting bored of hers Parents to live ‘projects. It is important for them to have a more normal schedule, e.g. B. when friends come over. Sarah believes it’s crucial for the six to have their own space to retreat to at the end of the day.

Bryan adds that renting the property was inevitable, but it only took him moments to understand that. Sarah confesses that now they can focus on their remodeling project as a whole, rather than trying to take it in pieces or one room at a time and get everyone into that room. They can now view their home as a whole, as they do with most projects, and just get to work.

HGTV’s Renovation Island airs new episodes every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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