RichThinker APK Money Making, Safe or Scam?
RichThinker APK Money Making, Safe or Scam?

RichThinker APK Money Making, Safe or Scam?

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RichThinker Money Making APK – Hey my lips friends how will it be if my friends answer questions and my lips friends get money for every question my friends can answer?

Not only that, my friend as a new user will immediately get a new user registration bonus balance of Rs 200,000 and can make withdrawals instantly.

Yes, this time the admin wants to share a new money-making application in 2022, a 100,000 money-making apk without inviting friends, a money-making application that is said to have proven successful and many have proven it.

However, is it true that the application is really you and you play for free? Safe and Proven Payments?

So, please, my friends, see further in the following article so that you can better understand this money-making application.

What is RichThinker Uang Money Making APK

So friends, RichThinker App APK This is the newest money making app released on Google Play Store since May 11, 2022. The way my lips work is that they are only asked to answer a question or some kind of guess.

The questions asked in this application are also very sensible and in my opinion quite educational and not a made-up and unimportant question.

So this app is perfect for friends who want to spend their free time answering guesses about different dates and things while earning money for the answers you answer successfully.

Unduh RichThinker Money Maker APK

richthinker APK make money

Unfortunately this money-making game is not like money-making applications in general, my friend, you have to download and install the application first on your smartphone.

Don’t worry friends, this lucky farm game has been officially downloaded by friends from my lips through the google play store. And if you are interested in using it, you can follow the download link below.

detail Information
App name Rich Thinker
Developer Mary de Smith
current version Version
Last updated 19 Mei 2022
release since 11 Mei 2022
Minimal OS support Android 5.0 and up
downloaded 500,000+ downloads
File size 28.44 MB and may vary by device

RichThinker APK Money Maker App Download Link

Please, my friend, follow the download link, then please, my friend, get the application by clicking install or install. Wait for the installation process to complete and my friends can then take advantage of the app and earn money.

Earn money RichThinker Uang Money Maker APK

As we explained earlier, Lipsku as a new user will immediately get a new user registration commission of Rs 200,000 and Lipsku friends can also make instant withdrawals.

Or friends can also provide income that you can collect and do other tasks and earn a lot of money.

There are so many tasks that you can do, for more details you can see the following task list.

1. Answer questions and earn money in RichThinker Money Maker APK

This application has a simple display, easy to understand and not complicated, friend. And for the main task I have to play for money is to answer questions, pal.

Where my friend will get a commission of up to 6000 rupees for every question that my lips manage to answer, and can be more.

2. Watch ads in RichThinker UangMoney Making APK

The second way is to double the commission from answering the questions in your first assignment. Where my friend will be asked to watch a special ad provided by the system for approximately 30 seconds.

And after the ad is finished, my lips will automatically get a double commission from the task of answering questions.

3. Do the task of answering questions about RichThinker Money Making APK

In addition to earning money in the way above, you can also complete the missions requested by this application and earn additional income.

Seeing a list of tasks that you can complete is very easy, you know, my friend. Please, my friend, click on the Mission menu below. Then you will find a list of tasks you can do.

Games to make money without inviting friends

This latest money-making application is different from other money-making applications in general. In terms of friendship, this application does not use a business referral system or invite friends to earn money.

So of course this app is easier for my lips to play to earn commissions. Because my friend’s lips don’t have to bother with the task of inviting friends.

Check out RichThinker Money Maker APK

After friends can accumulate a lot of money in this app account, friends can enjoy the fruits of their hard work to join your investment or mission by making withdrawals.

Even my lip friends as new users can make withdrawals instantly. Where the drawing is done, my friends can do it with my lips And Dana wallet or GoPay. With the withdrawal conditions as follows.

  • 100 rupee.
  • 1.000.000 rupiah.
  • 3.000.000 rupiah.
  • 5.000.000 rupiah.

Is RichThinker Money Making APK Safe?

After mimin pay attention to how this money-making application works, this money-making application can be played for free and without having to make a deposit or top up first.

But still, this money making app has ads in it, pal, but don’t worry about those ads. Because these ads don’t bother you and will only appear when you are doing an ad related task.

Therefore, Mimin strongly recommends my lip friends to only use wifi internet connection and not private internet when my lip friends want to do important tasks related to advertising.

Plus, Lips friends can make withdrawals instantly and it’s been proven that they pay for many explanations and it’s proven that they paid their first withdrawal of Rp. 100 in less than 10 minutes, even friends.

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