Sinopsis Balika Vadhu Penuh Emotional
Sinopsis Balika Vadhu Penuh Emotional

Sinopsis Balika Vadhu Penuh Emotional

Posted on – Ok, meet again with the admin who will provide updated information, namely about Sinopsis Balika Vadhu Penuh Emotional.

In this discussion, there are already many Balika Vadhu fans and the story is full of emotion.

And in this discussion, where there have been many stories and for Nandini herself, the marriage has been cancelled.

Many want to watch the series directly from Balika Vadhu, so from that, what are the next steps, watch until it’s finished, friend.

Sinopsis Balika Vadhu

Sinopsis Balika Vadhu

Sudha herself had told Nandini, and she came out of her room and Nandini was the one who came out and was very sad, Nandini who had seen Shekhawat showing the necklace to his wife.

And that necklace, which will be presented on the day of Sudha’s wedding. Nandini was confused, and how to tell them, that Premal’s parents had canceled the marriage.

In the night Nandini is very restless, and she is in bed when she wakes up and knocks on the door, but there is no answer from Sudha.

It was Nandini who immediately came downstairs, that is, she went downstairs looking for Krish and asked him to see Sudha’s condition in her room.

It was Krish and Nandini who broke in the bedroom door, and were immediately shocked and saw Sudha lying on the ground holding the poison bottle, Nandini checked her right away.

Dan decides to contact Amir’s doctor, and informs that Sudha is poisoned, Krish and Nandini did what Amit’s doctor said to get the poison out.

It was Nandini who immediately took Sudha to the hospital, and secretly, Sudha’s parents came directly to the hospital, they saw Nandini and hugged her.

It was Nandini who tried, and reassured her parents that Sudha would be fine, so not to worry, and it was Amit’s doctor who immediately called Nandini to her room.

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Doctor Amit says its about us Sudha, Nandini is shocked. And Nandini meets Sudha and talks about her pregnancy.

Nandini who said directly that, will soon meet Premal’s parents to be willing to be responsible. Meanwhile at Premal’s residence, Premal’s parents.

Yang was meeting the parents of another girl who was going to set up an engagement with Premal, and after everyone had left, it was Nandini who came and met Premal and told how Sudha was.

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