Story & How Old is Johnson Mobile Legends (ML)?
Story & How Old is Johnson Mobile Legends (ML)?

Story & How Old is Johnson Mobile Legends (ML)?

Posted on – Johnson is a Mobile Legends hero who can turn himself into a car. However, who would have thought Johnson was a professional rugby player. How old are you Johnson Mobile Legends and what’s the story?

As a result of an event, had to make Johnson leave his profession as a rugby athlete. Now Johnson has switched professions as the person who will save his city from robot attacks or monsters. Now he joins the SABER Squad. as a hero in his city.

Story & How Old is Johnson Mobile Legends (MLBB)?

Story & How Old is Johnson Mobile Legends (ML)?

The beginning of Johnson’s story began when he was young when he dreamed of becoming a professional rugby athlete. To achieve his dream, Johnson studied many theories about the sport of Rugby in earnest.

The theory he studied started from non-technical theories such as the size of the field, Rugby sports rules etc. As for the technical theory, he studied the positions and techniques of playing Rugby.

Apart from studying theory, Johnson also often practices the technique of playing Rugby, although he is willing to spend his time watching Rugby matches on TV or coming to the stadium to watch Rugby matches live in his city.

He considered that by watching more Rugby matches, he could get a lot of knowledge from these matches. Starting from playing techniques, rules, and strategies for professional players.

With study and hard work, Johnson finally made it into the Rugby team in his town. With his expertise, Johnson was able to bring his team to victory. Until one day, the national Rugby final match was held in his country.

Johnson represents his city to compete with other city’s Rugby teams. With a body as big and strong as a rock, Johnson repeatedly knocked down opponents who wanted to get past him.

In that match, Johnson’s team managed to lift the winning trophy of the match. On the other hand during the match, there was a Rugby coach who was quietly watching and enjoying Johnson’s match.

The Rugby coach is the coach of the Rugby national team in the country and is looking for talented talents to be recruited into the Rugby national team. The coach was impressed by Johnson’s performance when he scored and cleared his opponent.

He decided to recruit Johnson into his country’s national Rugby team. So, how old is Johnson’s hero in Mobile Legends? Regarding this, unfortunately Moonton as the developer did not mention the age of each of these heroes. However, we estimate his current age to be approx 32 years.

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