Susan Sameh – Biography, Profile, Facts, Age, Religion, Girlfriend, Movies, Sinetron
Susan Sameh – Biography, Profile, Facts, Age, Religion, Girlfriend, Movies, Sinetron

Susan Sameh – Biography, Profile, Facts, Age, Religion, Girlfriend, Movies, Sinetron

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Plunge into the world of acting is the right choice for the beautiful artist Susan Sameh. Before becoming an actress, the Egyptian-Indonesian-Chinese descent girl started her career as a model.

In 2013, she started her activities in the modeling world. Then in 2014 when she was 17 years old, she debuted as an actress through a soap opera titled My Boy Superboy (2014).

Seeing his good acting skills, he also got the opportunity to play the main character in a horror film Miscall which aired in 2015.

Furthermore, he kept getting offers to play in films, such as in Heaven lies beneath your mother’s feet (2016), Dear Nathan: Hello Salma (2018), DreadOut (2019), and Dear Nathan: Thank You Salma (2021).

Although selling well as a feature film actress, in fact she is still willing to play roles in a number of soap operas. Just say it Chosen Heart (2017) and I’m Not Ustadz Reborn (2019).

He also tested his abilities as a presenter by guiding various shows on television, for example Say Break Up (2016), Celebrity On Vacation (2018), and Mabar Come on! (2020).

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susan Sameh

(photo: instagram/susansameeh)

Biodata & Profile

  • Full Name: Susan Sameh Muhammad Abdel Fateh
  • Stage Name: Susan Sameh
  • Nickname: Susan
  • Place, Date of Birth: Bandung, West Java, February 24, 1997
  • Indonesian citizenship
  • Education: –
  • Islam
  • Height: 1.73 m
  • Parents: Sameh Abdul Elfatah (Father), Nancy Dbomd (Mother)
  • Siblings: Sabrina Sameh
  • Boyfriend: Billy Syahputra (2016), Fero Walandouw (2017), Fajar Alfian (2022 – )
  • Profession: Actress, Model, Presenter
  • Hobi: Traveling
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter : @susansameh
  • Instagram: @susansameh
  • TikTok: –
  • YouTube: –

Interesting Facts

  • It turned out that his parents were of different religions. His father is Muslim, while his mother is Christian.
  • When he was in junior high school, he had plunged into the world of acting and got a role as an extra and received a fee of 150 thousand rupiah.
  • Had surgery to remove blood clots in his body.
  • Has 2 nationalities, namely Egypt and Indonesia. However, he finally chose Indonesia as his citizenship identity.
  • Studying at a university in London with a major in Psychology.
  • Dating Fero Walandouw for 3 years.
  • Even though they have different religions, they are already planning a wedding. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2020.
  • Had experienced mystical things that made him sick for up to two weeks. After asking several people, including Sara Wijayanto, it was discovered that Susan had been exposed to witchcraft. This is known when he found a piece of paper with a spell wrapped in plastic in his car.

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  • Crazy Stupid Love (-)
  • Dear Nathan: Thank You Salma (2022), as Rebecca
  • Bucin (Netflix | 2020), as Vania
  • 99 Love Names (Netflix, RCTI+, Vision+ | 2019), as Chandra
  • Kuntilanak 2 (iflix Originals | 2019), as Julia
  • DreadOut (Netflix | 2019), as Dian
  • Dear Nathan: Hello Salma (Netflix | 2018), as Rebecca
  • Husband for Mom (2017), as Nina
  • Heaven lies beneath your mother’s feet (2016)
  • Miss Call (2015), as Mitha

soap operas

  • My Sweet RT (SCTV | 2019), as Mona
  • I’m Not Ustadz Reborn (RCTI | 2019), as Alya
  • Chosen Heart (RCTI | 2017), as Clara
  • My Boy Superboy (SCTV | 2014), as Vero

Web Series


  • Marbot Rocker Looking for Love (2017)
  • What’s Up With Apple Cake (2017)
  • Sweet 16 (2017)
  • 26 Days 26 Requests (2016)
  • Beautiful Pol PP (2016)
  • My love is stabbed by an eel (2016)
  • Assalamualaikum Paris (2015)
  • The Light of Love in the Paris Sky (2015)
  • Hoe Your Heart with Love (2015)
  • Pamali: Don’t wash your hair in the middle of the night (2015)
  • Missy’s Love Mission (2014)

TV shows

  • Mabar Come on! (NET. | 2020), as host
  • Celebrity on Vacation (Trans TV | 2018), as a guest
  • Say Break Up (Trans TV | 2016), as host
  • Bro & Bray (Trans TV | 2016—2017), as a presenter


Susan Sameh’s Photos

1. Relax on the vast expanse of grass

Susan Sameh

(photo: instagram/susansameeh)

2. Enjoy sunset from the ship


(photo: instagram/susansameeh)

3. Her beauty is a mix of three countries


(photo: instagram/susansameeh)

4. Looks glowing sunburnt

Fero Walandouw's Ex-Girlfriend

(photo: instagram/susansameeh)

5. Having a hobby of traveling, it’s only natural that he has hosted the Celebrity on Vacation event

Susan Sameh

(photo: instagram/susansameeh)

From a very young age, Susan Sameh has established herself and worked hard to achieve her dream as an artist. Now, he just enjoys the fame which is the fruit of his persistence.

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