Sweetened Condensed Milk is not recommended to be drunk every day
Sweetened Condensed Milk is not recommended to be drunk every day

Sweetened Condensed Milk is not recommended to be drunk every day

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Sweetened condensed milk – You are certainly familiar with sweetened condensed milk (SKM). Thick milk products with a sweet taste are widely discussed.

Why are ingredients that are more often consumed as food toppings so controversial? Check out the sweetened condensed milk facts here!

What is sweetened condensed milk?
Sweetened condensed milk (SKM) is a dairy product that is processed by removing most of the water content of cow’s milk. This process leaves a thick liquid to which a lot of sugar is added. SKM is indeed tempting because it has a sweet taste.

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However, the processing process increases the sugar content and removes most of the protein and fat in the milk. That is why this product is more accurately called sweet, without the “milk” label.

Generally, the sweet thickness is used as a food or drink mixture. However, you have to be careful because the benefits of this milk are not necessarily sweet. The Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) warns that thickness is not a nutritious dairy product. Sweet thick also should not be consumed every day.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health also prohibits the use of this product as a substitute for breast milk or formula milk for infants and children. Is condensed milk sweetened?
The water content in SKM has been taken and removed through the process of evaporation of milk or evaporation.

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Besides being evaporated, this milk is also added with added sugar so that the texture becomes thicker and stickier. Unfortunately, the process actually causes the protein content in it to be lower, while the sugar content and calories are high. As a result, the protein content in this product is much different from cow’s milk and various other vitamins for the body.

Therefore, the thickness is different from the type of cow’s milk. In fact, this product cannot be used as a substitute for ordinary cow’s milk. Sweet condensed products are high in added sugars and very low in protein, so nutrients are minimally beneficial.

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Notice the stark difference when you compare the nutritional content of condensed sweets with fresh cow’s milk.

One SKM Sachet has a calorie content of 180 kcal with details:

67% carbohydrates (including sugar),
30% fat, and
3% protein.
Meanwhile, 1 cup of fresh cow’s milk has 146 calories with details:

49% lemak,
30% carbohydrates (including sugar), and
Protein 21%.

Many people assume that SKM is good every day because it is considered the same as ordinary cow’s milk. In fact, some parents give it regularly to their children. This is certainly very worrying considering that sweetened condensed products do not have adequate nutritional content like cow’s milk.

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In addition, high sugar content that is consumed sustainably can increase the risk of health problems. Below are things to consider when consuming sweetened condensed products.

1. SKM is not for babies and children

According to the Association of Indonesian Pediatricians (IDAI), this product should not be given to infants and children. The sweet thickness cannot meet the child’s nutritional adequacy (RDA) because it loses a lot of nutritional content in processing.

The added sugar content in it is also a threat to children. The amount of added sugar for children recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) is less than 10% of the total calorie needs of children per day.

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SKM has a high added sugar content and exceeds the WHO recommendation limit. In one serving (4 tablespoons) sold in the market, calories reach 130 kcal with 19 grams of added sugar and 1 gram of protein. Not only that, if since childhood has been introduced to sweet intake, then the child does not want to try other types of food which are richer in nutrients. That is why sweetened condensed milk is not recommended for infants and children.

2. Not drinking every day

Based on recommendations from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, drinking with a thick texture is not recommended to be consumed every day. This is because high levels of sugar and fat can interfere with health.

On the other hand, the thickness is more suitable for consumption as a complement to food or drinks, for example as a coffee sweetener or as a topping for bread.

3. Health risks

In addition to the nutritional content that is far less than ordinary cow’s milk, it turns out that consuming too many sweetened condensed products is also a risk to your health. Again, this is due to the very high sugar content.

Eating too much sugar can lead to diabetes, tooth decay, obesity. Not only that, eating too many sweet foods can also trigger various chronic diseases such as heart disease or stroke.

Therefore, sweetened condensed products are not recommended to be consumed every day, especially to meet the nutritional needs of growing children.

Sweetened condensed milk of course is fine. However, considering the sugar content is quite high, make sure you don’t consume it in excess. Always remember, that SKM serves as a complementary food and not good milk for regular consumption every day.

If you drink ice or eat cake, SKM can still be used. However, do not drink sweetened thick products to brew or dissolve in water. In addition, condensed sweeteners should not be used as a substitute for breast milk, especially in infants who require exclusive breastfeeding.

SKM is also not recommended for consumption by children who have a history of lactose intolerance because it will trigger allergy symptoms. No less important, avoid consuming sweetened condensed milk if you have a history of diabetes. The high sugar content of SKM can cause uncontrolled blood sugar levels, especially in people who have diabetes.

Sweetened condensed milk is cow’s milk in which part of the water is removed so that it thickens and produces a milky texture that becomes soft cream. The addition of sugar aims to be a natural preservative to provide product durability for a certain period of time.

It tastes sweet and delicious to make sweetened condensed milk very popular with all levels of Indonesian society, including enriching the culinary variety of the country. Sweetened condensed milk is usually used as a topping or sprinkle for breakfast menus, such as smoothies, green bean porridge, for pancakes.

Moreover, sweetened condensed milk is also used as a snack companion, such as sweet martabak, milk sugar, sweetened condensed milk sugar, suspended sweet vla, milk pudding, peanut milk pie. Sweetened condensed milk can be found easily in various forms of packaging such as sachet packaging.

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