“Syabas Rakyat Malaysia…” Aznil Nawawi Shares Good News For Zamani.  – Article Update
“Syabas Rakyat Malaysia…” Aznil Nawawi Shares Good News For Zamani. – Article Update

“Syabas Rakyat Malaysia…” Aznil Nawawi Shares Good News For Zamani. – Article Update

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It is common knowledge that the famous singer in the 90’s era Zamani suffered from scoliosis which caused his spine to become more ‘bent’.

Following that, the famous lawyer, Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi has opened his personal account to raise public funds to finance the cost of Zamani’s surgery.

Runsing If Zamani Had To Work Hard

Through a post on Instagram, Aznil or affectionately known as Pak Nil admitted that he was worried if Zamani had to work hard to raise funds, because it would be more detrimental to his health.

“Paknil was touched by @mstaronlineofficial’s report on the idolized singer @zamanislam_official. Takpe.

“Let Paknil beg for help. Paknil worries that if he has to work hard to raise funds, it will harm his health.

“Paknil opened a paknil personal account to raise funds to help Zamani’s surgery. InsyAllah, ”he said.

Fund Collection Has Reached More Than RM32 Thousand!

What is more gratifying is that the fundraiser has now reached a total of RM 32,190.21 in just 15 hours.

“Well done Malaysians! In 15 hours ”- Share Pak Nil.

Earlier, Murai MY reported that Pak Nil uploaded a video recording of Zamani’s song with Wany Hasrita, which was recorded a few months ago & stated that there were changes too fast in the body of the Gerimis Mengundang singer.

The name of the singer Zamani was a pretty big name in the 90s. However, the allegation befell him when Zamani’s physical condition became more ‘bent’ due to scoliosis which had affected his spine.

Recently, the famous lawyer, Datuk Aznil Nawawi appeared to speak out on the situation that befell the singer of Syair Si Pari-Pari.

Share Zamani Singing Video Recording

Through a post on Instagram, Aznil was seen uploading a video recording of Zamani’s singing with Wany Hasrita which was recorded 6 months ago during the Karaoke Superstar program and stated that Zamani’s body was not as it looks now.

“This recording was 6 months ago. Zamani’s body is not as it looks now. ”-Said Aznil

Admit Changes In The Age Happened Too Fast

there was a change too fast in Zamani’s body, Datuk Aznil Nawawi or more affectionately known as Pak Nil prayed for Zamani Slam to be healed immediately.

“The change is really fast. Paknil & team #karaokesuperstar pray that @zamanislam_official is given a recovery as usual. Amen. ”-Share Aznil

Netizen Titip Doa Buat Zamani

Murai MY’s survey in the comments section found that the average netizen also prayed for Zamani Slam to recover quickly. In fact, there are netizens who revealed that Zamani’s body is now getting ‘bent’ badly.

“Hopefully, he recovers quickly & there are people willing to help our contemporaries. All love for the past. ”

“I just met him yesterday. It’s true that he’s getting worse now, paknil. ”

“Syafakallah for Zamani. May you be blessed with healing & always in God’s care. Aamin Ya Mujib. ”

Earlier, there was a video of Zamani performing in a ‘bent’ state at the ‘Buffet Rustic’ Breaking Fast ceremony with Zamani Slam at the Bangi Avenue Convention Center last April.

SINGER Zamani Slam admits he is still active in singing despite having some health problems.

However, the owner of the real name Zamani Ibrahim, 47, said he had not made an appearance on television for a long time.

“I still receive singing invitations as usual but for outdoor & corporate events.

“I just admit that I haven’t sung or appeared in any TV program for a long time.

“After all, I have health problems,” he told Gempak. Commenting on his health, the singer of the song Gerimis Mengundang said he now has spinal problems.

“My physique is getting thinner and bent because I have spinal problems.

“I admit the effects of drug abuse once caused my bones to bend.

“I am still receiving follow -up treatment, only I have not followed the physiotherapy treatment as before,” he revealed.

However, Zamani, who has been involved with drug symptoms, hopes that there will be no negative views from the public on his physical condition.

“I hope there are no negative views when people see my situation like this.

“This is because when people see me like this, they ask if I am still taking things (drugs) that are not good.

“But, even ap4-ap4, I can’t want to stop ap4 whatever they say,” he laughed again.

Source: Murai

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