The Best Way To Overcome Slow Android
The Best Way To Overcome Slow Android

The Best Way To Overcome Slow Android

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catatanpanda.comThe Best Way To Overcome Slow Android. As we know, some people or ourselves often experience Android running slowly.

Things like this need a way to make phone performance easier and deal with slow Android to support normal business, right? Moreover, things like this can interfere with your use.

Android problem is slow

Maybe we get annoyed that Android can’t work as customized as when we just bought it brand new. There are several factors that can do this. So if you have faced something like this it could be a problem that needs a way to deal with slow Android if you have.

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This could be some of these factors such as memory that is also complete, the use of unsupported applications, and many others. No wonder, if something like this has happened, some people will quickly find a way to deal with slow Android which has dragged on similar things and they don’t have to take the performance of their smartphone.

How to deal with slower Android
As explained above, here we will review some ways to deal with slow Android that you can try. This way, you can wipe Android faster and limit some of your communication or activity.

  1. Identification of problems

One of the ways to deal with a slow Android is to find out what is the reason your Android is running slowly. This has system can be caused by an issue, an application, or some other aspect that you can identify before determining the cause of the slow Android performance.

  1. Memory is too complete

Next, the way to deal with a slow Android is to prevent your phone’s internal memory from being full. If this happens, then you cannot update the latest version of the application which requires less, because it will only make the internal memory capacity much less and make it slower

You can also use how to deal with Android it’s slow on Clear cache data completely. You can go to Settings, then select Save and Clear Cache Data. Therefore, there can also be deleted from the data that meets the internal memory and meets the internal memory.

  1. Minimize widget

If you install too many widgets on your home screen, it can make Android slow. You must remove the widgets that have been deemed unimportant how to handle Android that you can use. So, slower Android phones can be erased and they usually get back to work.

  1. Close the app and free up RAM

If you open the app at the same time and it’s not already closed, it can work slow Android. So you close the app you were running before, then open another app as a way to deal with late Android.

Of course, this can be helped by using the Clean Master application which can make for you to close applications on an easy way to deal with Android, with just a click. Ram will also be free to lose weight of existing memory.

  1. Screen animation and infection

You need to know, Screen Animations and launchers can make up for Android’s lack of performance. Then, you can disable both ways to deal with slow Android. Some of the steps are as follows.

Go to Settings, scroll down and select About phone.
Find the software information, then select the form number and press 7 times until you see the active developer options.
Go back to Settings, then select Developer Options.
Scroll down and then look for Window animation volume, turn it off.
Select Animator duration volume and set it.

  1. Restart Android

One of the quickest ways to deal with Android is to restart it. Then, wipe your Android will automatically cache and stop running the system. So, your phone will usually be working before again, without having to run sluggishly.

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