The Latest Super Wind Money Making Application, Free Download Here
The Latest Super Wind Money Making Application, Free Download Here

The Latest Super Wind Money Making Application, Free Download Here

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Super Wind Money Making App – Lately, people are busy talking about the Super Wind money-making application which was just released in early April 2022.

If bestie is curious about the application that Mimin is talking about this time, bestie can listen to the following review to the end.

Until now, there have been many money-making applications with different ways of working on the Internet.

Even so, bestie still needs to be careful when using money-making apps that bestie uses as a place to earn money.

Because there are lots of scams or scams in the name of money-making applications.

So what about the money-making application that I will review this time? Is this really pay or a scam?

Let’s see the explanation, bestie!

What is Super Wind Money Making App?

Super Wind Money Making App
Super Wind Money Making App

Super Wind is a money making app that is still a website. So bestie won’t find it on Google Play Store or App Store, so bestie should visit the official site.

Super Wind app provides money mining tasks through investments. Later bestie can buy or rent a wind machine to be used as a robot to earn money every day.

There are also several price variations for the investment price, including starting from Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 1 million in a period of 100 days to 360 days.

Apart from investing, there are other tasks that besties can do to earn extra income.

If bestie is interested in trying this Superwind application, bestie can register first in the following way.

How to Register the Super Wind Money Making Application

How to Register the Super Wind Money Making Application
How to Register the Super Wind Money Making Application
  • First, visit the following official site in browser or chrome on bestie phone.
  • Then enter an active mobile number.
  • After that, create a unique and easy-to-remember account password. Confirm the password by re-entering the password in the com field.
  • Enter the verification code that the bestie will receive on the right.
  • Once done, click the Register button to register an account.

Wait a few moments until the registration process that Bestie has done is declared successful.

If bestie wants to access this super wind in the application, bestie can download the application on the registration page.

Under the registration page bestie will find a download button and bestie can click on that option.

The size of this application is also quite small, only 1.61 MB, so it doesn’t take up much space on the bestie phone.

How To Earn Money In Super Wind App

As mimin said, bestie can earn by investing.

If the bestie still wants to do a trial period, Mimin recommends using the free trial version.

So the bestie can invest with a registration balance of IDR 100,000. With this free investment, bestie will receive a commission of IDR 25,000 per day.

If the bestie wants to earn, the bestie can invest. One of the tasks that besties can try to earn extra income is to invite friends to join using this application.

After the bestie’s balance is sufficient, the bestie can make a withdrawal to a bank account or bestie’s DANA account.

How to Withdraw the Super Wind Money Making Application

When the funds that bestie has collected have reached the withdrawal limit of only IDR 100,000, the bestie can make withdrawals in the following ways:

  • Access the KU menu in the Super Wind application.
  • Then click the withdrawal menu and enter the details of the bank you want to use for withdrawals.
  • After that, enter the desired payout nominal and follow the instructions from the Super Wind application.
  • Wait for the withdrawal process to be successful and the funds will be credited to the bestie bank account.

Is this Super Wind Application Safe?

According to some of the information that Mimin received, Mimin has not seen testimonials from other users who say that this application has really paid off.

This application also adheres to a deposit system, so applications like this usually commit fraud.

But if bestie wants to use this application, bestie can use the bonus that bestie gets when registering.


So many reviews about this money-making application called Superwind, hopefully this application can be helpful and useful for bestie.

And mimin reminds you to be careful when using this application, bestie. Furthermore, if bestie wants to know other applications that can earn.

Bestie can look for it at, on this website, Mimin has also discussed a lot of articles on money-making applications.

Thank you and good health always, bestie.

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