The Mans Decree Novel Chapter 992

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Chapter 992 Cannot Stand The Sight Of You

The sudden turn of events caused everyone to stare at Kai in disbelief. Since everyone’s martial energy is suppressed, we’re all just commoners. So how could a commoner slap so hard?

“ Kai, you have a death wish or something? Give me the painting right now!” Warren approached Kai and glared at him.

“Who the f*ck do you think you are? The painting is mine, and I’m not giving it to anyone. Come and take it from me if you can. Aren’t you a Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster? Aren’t you all great and mighty? Come and take it then!” Kai taunted Warren.

Everyone at the scene thought Kai had gone mad because he had just challenged Warren in public.

“I see you’re itching to die, huh?” With a cold expression on, Warren raised his hand and swung it toward Kai.

Although his martial energy was suppressed, Warren could still slap pretty hard.

Since Kai had already been annoyed by Warren, he reached out his hand to grab Warren’s collar when the man was about to slap him. He then casually lifted Warren up.

At that moment, Warren looked like a puny pet as he struggled in Kai’s grip.

Humiliated, Warren thundered, “ Kai, let go of me right this instant! Otherwise, I’ll make you suffer a fate worse than death!”

“You’re still trying to threaten me at a time like this?” As Kai was saying that, he lifted his hand and started slapping Warren.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

After being slapped repeatedly, Warren’s cheeks swelled up.

Everyone was shocked when they saw Kai hitting Warren, but none of them dared to intervene.

When they saw what was happening before their eyes, they realized that the arcane array didn’t suppress Kai’s abilities one bit. In that case, Kai is now the one holding all the cards here, and no one is capable of challenging him.

“I dare you to threaten me again.” Kai looked at Warren with a grin on his face.

Warren’s mouth was agape, but words wouldn’t form, so he ended up lowering his head helplessly. If I fight back, Kai could actually kill me.

After knocking Warren’s arrogance down a notch, Kai flung the man to the side.

Edgar’s expression turned solemn when he saw what happened. Prior to that, he was just about to scold Kai. However, he now realized that he needed to keep his mouth shut and not offend Kai.

Despite so, Kai wasn’t willing to let him off the hook just yet. He walked over to Edgar and grabbed a fistful of the latter’s hair before forcefully dragging him to the side.

“ Kai, I-I’ve already given you the painting. So why are you still coming after me?” Edgar trembled and asked in puzzlement.

“Well, I just can’t stand the sight of you, is that reason enough?” Kai kicked him in his chest before smashing his head against the stone wall.

Soon, Edgar’s face was drenched in blood and contorted with pain.

Everybody else could only watch, for none of them dared to stop Kai. Although Warren’s face had turned sullen, he didn’t dare to intervene as well.

Both of the Martial Arts Grandmasters of the Deragons were getting anxious. Since they didn’t dare to get involved, they looked at Godrick.

At that moment, there were no changes to Godrick’s expression. Instead, he was even gloating within because he had also been annoyed at Edgar for a long time. If he had the chance, he would also like to beat Edgar up.

Edgar was already on the brink of death, but Kai had no intention of stopping at all.

No one knew why Kai was beating Edgar up so angrily, and they wondered why Kai hated him so much.

Little did they know that Kai was only acting that way because he was reminded of his mother being mistreated by the Deragons, which resulted in him losing his temper.

Right then, Howard approached him and advised, “ Kai, that’s enough. If you kill Edgar, you’re going to have trouble in the future.”

Kai merely smiled wryly in response. Even if I don’t kill Edgar, the Deragons aren’t going to let me off the hook, either. That being said, I shouldn’t kill him just yet. I’ll wait for the opportunity to exchange his life for my mother’s.


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