The Most Popular Arena of Valor Game in the World at Its Time
The Most Popular Arena of Valor Game in the World at Its Time

The Most Popular Arena of Valor Game in the World at Its Time

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As we know, in the past aov became a popular game in the world, even this game is predicted, that Arena of Valor is likely to be the next king of mobile games after the most popular title previously Player’s Unknown Battleground (PUBG).

The AoV multiplayer moba game is an adaptation of the international version of its father, Honor of Kings or commonly known as King of Glory (KoG) which was created and distributed by Tencent Games for iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch, for the business sector outside China. As of May 2019 AoV has amassed a huge daily active player count of over 13 million.

According to Sensor Tower data, mobile games generated $29.6 billion across both platforms last year, up 11.3 percent from the same period last year. Honor of King earned the most, earning $728 million and excluding revenue from third-party Android stores in China. Additional figures also show that game downloads jumped to 20.1 billion during the first half of 2019, up 3.2 percent from the same period in 2018.


AoV was also set last year by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and the Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) for the 2018 Asian Olympic Games in Jakarta. After the successful conclusion, it has also been confirmed as the official game title of the 2019 Asian Games in the Philippines

And various world tournaments with various titles were held, one of them Arena of Valor World Cup 2019, this big event was held in Vietnam by Tencent and Garena with a prize of $500,000 or more than IDR 7M.

AoV also often holds tournaments such as the following and the prizes are the same, even in 2017 Aov was known by the slogan “Play AOV get 7M” and it resonates among MOBA players, because the slogan is marketed through advertisements that always appear on television after being advertised.

Also, at that time AoV esports tournaments were booming like AOV International Championship: ASIA (AIC: ASIA), which brings together the best teams in Asia.

Many people play Arena of Valor, which was developed by Chinese tech giant Tencent. The base of the game is the same as moba-moba in general. At that time the company became the 10th largest company in the world as a whole. MOBA Arena of Valor mobile has more than 200 million registered players and regularly reaches 80 million daily active users.

Arena of Valor is Coming to Switch

Interestingly, this moba even has a version that can be played on the Nintendo Switch platform, Tencent is busy announcing that Arena of Valor will leave its mark on the platform to launch on Nintendo Switch that season. This free-to-play game immediately became the center of attention and popular mobile games were quite busy being discussed in the West.

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