The song has ‘rapping’. Salwa is restless and can’t sleep
The song has ‘rapping’. Salwa is restless and can’t sleep

The song has ‘rapping’. Salwa is restless and can’t sleep

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LEGENDARY, singer of the 1980s era, Datin Salwa Abd. Rahman is not a foreign name in the country’s entertainment industry. Who Salwa is in the world of voice art also doesn’t need to be told anymore.

The talent of the 57 -year -old woman was first unearthed through the 1985 Johor State Pujaan Radio Star competition.

At that time, he was only 19 years old. After that, Salwa participated in several more series of competitions until finally she was proposed to be a recording singer.

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Not one or two songs and albums were released, but there were a series of works that were produced so that they remained fresh and long apart from being whistled by fans.

Until the age of six decades, the softness and softness of Salwa’s voice was not disturbed.

The last time Salwa was also the wife of former Kuala Lumpur footballer Datuk Subadron Abdul Aziz appeared with a song was six years ago through the single I Miss You.

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Recently, Salwa returned to enliven the music industry with a fresher song and music titled Makna created entirely by Red Rahimad, Pown Hasril, Otromen, Aman Nassim and Ariff Peter.

Interestingly, the song published by the COF Music label also features Salwa’s vocal pairing with young singer and rapper, Red Rahimad.

The spirit of a nephew

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Describing the appearance through the song Makna as sustenance, Salwa also found new experiences through the making of the song.

“People say sustenance is not the wrong address. In fact, I have started to want to reduce my involvement in this field of art apart from being less interested in releasing an actual album or song.

“But, my nephew, the Managing Director of COF Music, Aman Nassim, really wants me to release the latest song together with Red Rahimad.

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“So, the spirit came from my nephew actually. If I have the spirit to sing, it’s 50/50, but I still do ‘shows’. When I was given the song and lyrics, I looked like it fit my soul even though there was a rapper there. But I did the other part which is dangdut.

“This song has a bit of Latin pop and dangdut beats. It feels right to me. At first I remember being raped and not sleeping one night but apparently nothing. So this is my part and hip-hop is Red Rahimad’s job. I was excited when I was invited to sing with Red Rahimad. This is a new experiment and a change in life, ”he said.

Not being in the studio for a long time, Salwa admitted to being a bit ‘gabra’ during the recording process.

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He, however, made the trust given to record the song Makna with Red Rahimad as an opportunity not to be wasted.

SALWA admits to pounding to enter the recording studio and not sleeping at night thinking about the hip-hop beat which is also a new element in the single Makna.


“When you get the song, lyrics and melody, you feel excited. I haven’t been in the studio for a long time, so the gabra is still there. But due to the cooperation from the producer, songwriter and nephew, the spirit came back. Sometimes as a singer when I enter the studio, the spirit is different. So I did my best because I was given the trust, ”he said.

At the same time, Salwa is grateful to her husband and children who have always supported her art career from the beginning until now.

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“Like my husband, he never restrained me if I still wanted to sing. He always gave me a solid passion to pursue this field of art. That’s one of the reasons that makes me happy, not depressed and even the kids are encouraging.

“I do it voluntarily and happily. Insya-Allah, hopefully there will be sustenance, cooperation from the journalists and cooperation from the radio to play this song.

“Maybe it’s time to step down, I will step down. Because I’m not old enough to sing. I have my own targets and by the time I will retreat.

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“To the fans who are still following my progress, this is a gift for those who want to listen to my latest voice. Hope fans can accept with this new image and beat. Thanks to those who are still asking on social media, that’s a sign that I’m still interested, thank God. Hope this song gives a good meaning to me, “he said.

Makna’s song and music video, which was officially launched on June 17, can now be viewed on COF Music’s YouTube channel.

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