These are the 10 best CARNIFEX deep cuts
These are the 10 best CARNIFEX deep cuts

These are the 10 best CARNIFEX deep cuts

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One of the deathcore OGs – and a OG of your blackened variety – San Diego’s Butcher are one of the oldest success stories from the extreme metal boom of the mid-2000s. With the band just hitting the road in celebration of their big debut Died Inside Mine Arms‘ 15º anniversary – and a ninth studio album in the works – now is the best time ever to scour their ever-expanding back catalogue.

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“Lie To My Face”, “Drown Me In Blood” and “Hell Chose Me” are some of deathcore’s biggest songs – but what about the rest of the material? There are some great Butcher songs from his entire career that were long forgotten. So without further ado, let’s get the shovel and exhume 10 Butchermost underrated deep cuts of…

A killer track Butcherfull length sophomore The sick and the poisoned, “Among Grim Shadows” shows that the black metal element in the band’s sound was almost there from the start. Tremolo-chosen guitar lines and blastbeats sit well between the thunderous breakdowns, while the frontman Scott Luís‘ screams are absolutely raw and wrought with emotion. Although its debut is a classic, it was in Butcher‘s second LP that they really started to forge their own sound – with the highly underrated “Among Grim Shadows” a great example of this.

Taken from Butcherlast album of Grave Confessions, “Countess Of Perpetual Torment” is a tremendous new jam that highlights the act’s ongoing songwriting prowess. It has some of the biggest breaks on the record – all three to be exact – with the closing one the nastiest of the pack. Specialists in this style of music at this point in their career, Butcher perfectly fits the beats with minor chords and 8-string riffs. Being tucked away at the end of the release with low streams, and yet to see the stage live, we would definitely rate “Countess Of Perpetual Torment” as a worthy deep cut.

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Before accusing us of laziness, yes, we opted for another selection with ‘Countess’ in the title – this time the excellent “Countess of the Crescent Moon” from 2016 Slow death. He sees Butcher at its most Gothic – with definitely more than a nod to Cradle do Dirt, especially in the lyrical department. Despite this, it certainly carries all the Butcher, with crushing sections and more epic passages. Plus it has a nice bonus guest solo from Sims Cashier, which is a small interlude. A great jewel of the last career, little appreciated.

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As of 2011 often forgotten Until I feel nothing“Creation Defaced” is the perfect example of Butcherblackened deathcore sound of . It has all the hallmarks – dissonant chords, heavy breaks, ultra-fast parts; but it’s the middle section where the group introduces some lesser-used elements. The bridge moves into full atmospheric black metal territory – acoustic guitar, piano, lo-fi drums – before immediately diving back into blastbeats and meltdowns. It’s a nice change from ButcherIt’s usual blackened attack ahead, and it makes it a more than welcome addition to our list.

Off Butcherseventh effort World War X, the relentless “Hail Hellfire” is a hugely underrated gem. With many of the great elements of the band’s current sound, the incredible production and ultra-tight playing create a thick, bass wall of pain – the last minute is particularly chest-thumping, with pulsing meltdowns and siren-like guitars. 2019 World War X looks like it didn’t get the praise it deserved, with big deep cuts like “Eyes of the Executioner” and our pick “Hail Hellfire” showing it has a lot of powerful material on offer.

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A furious often overlooked of the brutal Hell Chose Me record, “The Liars Funeral” is an absolutely punitive slab of late 2000s deathcore-meets-death metal. Attacking at a breakneck pace, he combines menacing riffs and blastbeats with a cool chorus in minor keys. like the house of some Butcherthe most intense stuff, Hell Chose Me it’s loaded with some great stuff – and sadly the great “The Liars Funeral” was overlooked in favor of better-known tunes.

Our second dive into the excellent Until I feel nothing, “Never Forgive Me” is a clear fusion of Scandinavian metal styles with (then) contemporary North American deathcore. Of course, by now we know that the sound of Swedish melodic death metal works perfectly with breakdowns. It’s the addition of black metal elements in the middle of the track that separates Butcher of the package, in addition to the fantastic final passage has a real crushing feel, marching to war. Very underrated song and album.

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From ButcherThe 2006 self-titled EP “Redemption and Regret” failed to form into a full-length release. Admittedly not as strong as some that made it to the first LP dead in my arms – like “My Heart In Atrophy” – but it shows potential. “Redemption and Repentance” finds Butcher in an early incarnation, with their style certainly leaning towards metalcore – with minimal black metal influences to be heard. Sure, it’s an incredibly raw sound – let’s not forget that production standards have increased immensely in recent years – but it’s an important part of the Butchercareer.

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Taken from the first record after ButcherOn the brief year-long hiatus, “Rotten Souls” is a nasty track from the 2014 album. Die without hope. The music moves between walls of fast guitars and relentless drumming and interlude sensations. sure see Butcher hammer that low 8th string hard; but it also contains a great chorus, with the guitar lines moving into more melodic territory. Packing a big vocal hook chorus at the end, you’d think “Rotten Souls” would become a permanent fixture in the band’s live show, but it was only played a few times – twice to be precise, in 2015.

The most underrated number of classic deathcore dead in my arms“A Winter In Remorse” has been totally overshadowed by some of the biggest jams it shares an album with. ButcherThe group’s debut contains some of the group’s career mainstays, such as “Lie To My Face” and “Slit Wrist Savior” – but “A Winter In Remorse” is exactly what you’d expect from 2007’s deathcore – moments of furious rhythm and screaming vocals mixed with punishing beatings and low, gut-wrenching growls. Go Butcher dig up for your next tour celebrating dead in my arms 15th anniversary?

what are your favorites Butcher deep cuts? Are you planning to catch them in their 15º birthday tour dead in my arms? Let us know in the comments!

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