Toyah’s Trial In Court Detail Explored
Toyah’s Trial In Court Detail Explored

Toyah’s Trial In Court Detail Explored

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With the trial approaching, and people turning against her, how is Toyah feeling?

She is scared, she’s lonely, she is still grieving losing the man she loved and that chance of being a mum and being a family. I can’t even imagine on top of that having to face a murder trial, her emotions are all over the place.

Has Spider come back into her life at a time when she needed it most?

She’s definitely grateful for the distraction he brings and the kindness. She is really lonely, she’s got her sister but she also understands that Leanne’s got a business and a stepson and other things to be getting on with. She doesn’t really have a lot of friends, people like Alya have very much turned against her and she’s getting all this vitriol from Saira, Imran’s mum. It’s a bit of kindness when you’re feeling vulnerable and she latches on to that.

Do you think it’s quite easy for her to fall back into that old relationship with Spider? She did love Imran but because of their connection in the past do you think maybe that helps her blank out what’s happened?

Yeah, I think what also helps is that the Spider wasn’t around for the past few years, he wasn’t around for the drama of the past few months so she doesn’t really feel that he’s judging her in the way that a lot of people who’ve been more closely involved might be.

In terms of the whole Imran situation, he’s coming at it with a clean slate, and he’s just saying, look, you’re still the woman that you were all those years ago. You’re still a good person. He’s seeing the best in her, being very kind to her and I think it helps that he’s someone that’s away from the situation.

Toyah’s emotions are still very raw after losing Imran, how does she feel when she discovers the savings account he’d set up for Alfie?

It brings everything flooding back, whatever she is guilty off or not guilty off, Alfie has been left without a dad and she’s been left without the man and the family unit she dreamed of for so long. It’s still very raw.

After Spider is arrested at a protest they kiss and she leads him to the bedroom. Do you think Toyah’s feelings are genuine or do you think she’s on the rebound?

Personally I feel it’s too soon, I’d like to see that friendship between them nurtured and developed because I think as a friendship, it’s really sweet. But in the moment she’s not thinking straight, she’s lonely and he’s there for her.

How does she feel afterwards?

I think it’s just too much for her to deal with at the moment, her emotions are all over the place, there’s guilt, possibly some regret but on the other hand she’s lonely and seeking some comfort.

Do you think going forward a relationship with Spider is possible or do you think she hasn’t really grieved properly for Imran yet?

I think it is quite soon to be jumping into something else but it’s complicated, love always is, isn’t it? I think what’s good about Spider is that he’s gentle and sensitive. He’s not going to push things with her and if she needs him to back off he will and that’s really important. She loved Imran and you can’t just flip that switch.

Do you think Toyah is guilty of murder?

I think it’s a very grey area and her guilt is huge, whether she is guilty of murder or not, she was at the wheel of that car. So she feels responsible for his death and the fact that Alfie is going to spend the rest of his life growing up without his dad. It’s heart breaking, it’s a huge, huge burden for her to carry.

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