Types of Questions During a Loan Survey and Tips for Answering Them
Types of Questions During a Loan Survey and Tips for Answering Them

Types of Questions During a Loan Survey and Tips for Answering Them

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When applying for a loan, there are usually several questions asked by the company that provides the funds. Questions during this loan survey are usually classified into several categories. The purpose of asking questions like this is to find out the financial condition and background of the prospective borrower.

Every prospective borrower of funds will certainly get similar questions. To deal with this, there are also tips that can be done. Various explanations of questions and tips for dealing with them will be explained below. Curious about the details? Check out the following description:

Question Type

The fund provider must first know how the financial condition of the person to whom the funds will be lent. For that, there are several types of questions that will be asked. The questions will be classified into three different types. Here is a list along with an explanation:

1. Occupation

The first thing the provider wants to know and is about the job. If the borrower does not have a permanent job, he is usually classified as a person who is not trusted to pay off the money borrowed. Therefore, this is usually asked in detail by the fund provider who will lend.

2. Salary Amount

Another thing that must be asked is the amount of salary you get every month. This question is asked to find out whether the desired loan is worth the money made. If it’s worth it, surely the prospective borrower will pass this type of question. However, if it is appropriate, then the fund provider will have difficulty lending the funds.

3. Debt with Other Parties

In addition to the two issues above, the fund provider will definitely inquire about the condition of the debt with other parties. If you still have dependents elsewhere or are in trouble, the fund provider will not trust you to provide the funds. Therefore, do not borrow money elsewhere while you still have debt.

Tips for Facing Loan Survey Questions

Of course, there are several things you can do if you get questions during a loan survey from various parties. There are several important points to note about this. For those who want to take a loan survey, consider the following list of tips to be ready when dealing with them directly:

1. Know Your Personal Financial Condition

Before taking a loan survey, be sure to understand your personal financial condition. Starting from the amount of income, from where the source, to the expenditure for anything. All these things must be known with certainty so that when asked are not confused and already have the right answer.

2. Answer Honestly

In addition to having to know the condition of personal finances, another thing is to answer honestly. Every thing must be filled in according to the real conditions that are owned and do not just fill it out. If it is exaggerated or not in accordance with the real situation, it may cause problems in the future. This of course will burden the borrower of funds.

3. Give a Definite Answer

The third tip is to give answers with certainty and not convoluted. With the capital in the first to second points above, the answers given will be clear and appropriate to the circumstances. If you provide answers that are frequently changed or unclear, the funder will easily distrust you. So the funds cannot be disbursed easily.

All things regarding the types of questions during a loan survey along with tips for answering them have been explained in full above. Make sure to follow each of the tips so you don’t get confused when faced with the various questions above. Prepare everything before conducting interviews with related parties.

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