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“I decided not to explain anything (is.u open the veil) because they (netizens) don’t want an explanation from me.”

That’s the response of the singer Elyana regarding the issue of opening the hijab and her appearance, which is bright and bright, no longer wearing hijab at this time.

Refusing to make any confession about her new image, Elyana, who for the first time appeared in front of the audience without wearing a hijab today, insisted that every explanation that came out of her mouth was useless.

He said, netizens actually don’t want to know about him.

“If I explain, as long as those are the kinds of stories that I think will come. In order to protect my morals, protect my soul, and protect my environment, I decided not to explain anything,” he said when met during the Malaysia Family Uniti Bright Program in conjunction with the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro Tourism Exhibition (MAHA) 2022 at the Agricultural Expo Park. Malaysia Serdang (MAEPS) today.

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Speaking further, the Niat song singer said, there has never been a word of regret in his life. He also admitted to dreaming of a good life for his mental health.

ELYANA just wants to be herself and find the best solution for her mental health.

“In my life I have never had any regrets. What can I say, every day I dream of a good life for my soul.

“I always take care of the hearts and souls of others until I forget about my own. I will do what I think I want to do. Good or bad, God willing, I myself will bear the burden,”

At the same time, Elyana said she wants to be herself and will not stop praying for the good of others.

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“This is me. Thank you for those who have prayed for me all this time. If you still feel like praying for me, I will pray for you back.

“If you don’t want to pray for me, I will still pray for the good for you and hope you don’t feel and bear what I have experienced all this time,” he explained.

Elyana has been a hot topic of conversation among netizens since last week after uploading several photos of her no longer wearing a hijab.

The photo that caused a big surprise to her Instagram followers further sparked various speculations, each debating and questioning the reason why Elyana acted in such a way without thinking about the negative impact on her image.

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The most attention-grabbing was when one of the shared photos showed him wearing a shirt that said ‘be me’.

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