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The variety of children when they grow up is sometimes heart-wrenching and sometimes brings anger. With these beautiful moments will be remembered when they step on their age.

Just mention Bella Astillah and Aliff Aziz, surely many people know him. Dug4an that plagued this couple’s household actually strengthened their bond of love.

The happiness of being together now with two heart gems also gives joy to many other people who pray for their bond to remain intact.

Through a post on Bella’s ig page, the behavior of her youngest child has touched the hearts of many. Ara Adreanna’s reaction looks so cute pouting when her father says ‘no shopping’.

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When daddy said “no shopping!”


In the meantime, artist friends were also amused by Arra’s behavior which touched the hearts of many.

Earlier, the marriage of Bella and the Sayang Sayang singer, which was built on September 9, 2016, was tested, but their marriage ties are back together.

Their love festival was graced by two bright eyes, namely Muhammad Ayden Adrian, 5, and Ara Adreanna who is now two years old.

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