vivo Reveals new 6G White Paper on the New Tech’s Potential
vivo Reveals new 6G White Paper on the New Tech’s Potential

vivo Reveals new 6G White Paper on the New Tech’s Potential

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While the world is slowly adopting 5G technologies, vivo is one of the few companies (the other being Xiaomi) that is working on exploring the possibilities of 6G. In its third white paper, entitled “Building a Freely Connected Physical and Digital Integrated World: 6G Services, Capabilities and Enabling Technologies”, vivo details how the 6G framework will help improve people’s lives beyond 2030.

“At the forefront of R&D, we continue to explore what a 6G world might look like and what technologies we need to develop to get there,” vivo Communications Research Institute Qin Fei said.

“6G will integrate more access technologies, cover a larger physical space, and provide better core capabilities, supporting more services,” vivo 5G Standard Expert Rakesh Tamrakar explains. “By seamlessly connecting industries, transportation, workspace, and homes, 6G will contribute greatly to society – from the democratization of professional talent to the enhancement of emergency and disaster response.”

Some of the expected improvements with 6G over 5G include better network and air interface efficiency, enhanced system flexibility, and potentially lower operating costs. The vivo Communications Research has started its work back in 2016 when it was researching 5G technologies. To date, they have submitted over 8,000 5G proposals to the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), leading to 15 technical features and three technical projects being approved.

Those interested to read through the nitty-gritty of the white paper can check it out here.

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