Watch the Complete Crash Landing On You Movie Sub Indo
Watch the Complete Crash Landing On You Movie Sub Indo

Watch the Complete Crash Landing On You Movie Sub Indo

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Watching movies Crash Landing On You Patu movie or drakor fans have fun. Because even though the Crash Landing On You movie has ended, it can still be watched using the Netflix application that provides it.

K-Drama fans in Indonesia can re-watch the show through the paid video streaming platform Netflix.

Crash Landing On You is a romantic yet complex drama because it is full of political elements between the two controversial countries.

This romantic drama tells the love story between a North Korean soldier and a rich woman from South Korea.

Crash Landing is released 2x a week, Saturday and Sunday at 21.00 WIB. K-Drama fans must install the Netflix app while enjoying it on a mobile device or browser.

However, to watch videos on Netflix, users must first register and subscribe to a plan. For new users, Netflix also offers a free trial period of up to 30 days.

That means fans can still watch Crash Landing On You by using this Netflix app. So there’s no need to worry for those of you who haven’t watched this romantic drama series.

Free Watch Crash Landing On You Film

Watch the Complete Crash Landing On You Movie Sub Indo

Short Story Film Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing on You tells the story of two star lovers, Yoon Se Ri, a South Korean Chaebol heir, and Ri Jeong Hyuk, a member of North Korea’s elite, who is also a military officer.

One day Yoon Se Ri paraglided to Seoul, South Korea, a storm hit her.

He meets Ri Jeong hyuk, a North Korean army officer, and Se Ri literally falls into officer Ri Jeong hyuk’s arms. Finally Ri takes care of Yoon Se Ri and plans to help her return to South Korea.

Then they fell in love, despite the strife of their respective countries. It’s a story that makes drama lovers curious.

To watch Drakor Crash Landing On You, fans need to install Netflix and enjoy it on a mobile device or browser.

Crash Landing On You Korean Movie Information

Movie title Crash Landing On You
Kind of movie Drama Korea
Director Lee Jung Hyo
Actor Hyun Bin

Son Ye Jin

Compatible Apps Netflix

How to Get the Netflix App?

  • To register for Netflix, please open the Netflix page with the link After that click “Start”. After the trial, the customer selects a subscription plan and Continues to Create a New Account with an email address and password.
  • Click “Subscribe” Edit Payment and enter payment using credit card, Visa, Master Card, and American Express. When the information is complete, click “Start Subscription”.
  • As with PCs and applications on smartphones, users can download tablets, Smart TVs, set-top boxes, game consoles and They can also download Netflix applications on various devices, such as laptops.
  • Run the Netflix application Select “Login” Net streaming information from the Netflix account used to register Netflix movies, such as the email and password entered, the user can also download the drama Crash Landing On You.
  • Episodes can be watched offline without an internet network. Users simply look for the download icon in each episode of Crash Landing On You, then click on the icon. Once done, the play is automatically saved.

Netflix Subscription Plan

  • Basic : Supports HD streaming and devices Rp.109 thousand per month
  • Standard : Supports HD streaming and two devices IDR 139,000 simultaneously per month
  • Premium : Supports HD and Ultra HD (4K) streaming and four simultaneous devices IDR 169,000 per month

How To Download Netflix On Your Phone Or Tablet

  • Open iTunes App Store or Play Store Search Netflix,
  • Then download and install After the installation is complete,
  • Run the Netflix app Select “Sign In”
  • Enter the account information such as the email and password used to sign up for Netflix Streaming
  • Netflix movies are ready for fun.


To be able to watch the Crash Landing On You film, you can do so on the link we shared on our article page this time. Perform downloads with just one tap on the available download button.

We recommend that you Drakor fans immediately download the Netflix application to be able to watch movies to your heart’s content.

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