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JSMedia – Watch YouTube paid 2022 is one way to earn money that is fun. For those who have just heard of it, must be wondering if such an application really exists. The answer is yes and one can find out the specifications here.

This includes tempting offers. Moreover, watching YouTube videos is a fun activity. So, it can be said that you will benefit at the same time by watching YouTube videos but instead get paid.

Picoworkers: Paid YouTube Watching Apps 2022

Picoworkers Watch YouTube Paid Apps 2022

Actually, there have been many applications for watching YouTube and getting paid like this before. Watch YouTube Paid 2022 app is one of them. Unfortunately, many apps don’t work and end up being scams. Of course, this causes losses for users who are willing to spend internet quota.

However, this discussion is different. So, you have to really pay attention so you don’t use the application the wrong way later. The application that will be discussed has actually been released since last year, namely 2021.

Even so, it never hurts to re-review so that more people know about it. The tasks or missions in this application are quite easy. So, users only need to spend a few hours per day.

This 2022 paid YouTube watching application is called Picoworkers. If someone searched about this app on Google, there must have been a lot of reviews. Because, this application is indeed interesting and becomes the center of attention of many people.

Picoworker Missions to Earn Money

The mission of the Picoworkers app is to watch various videos presented by Picoworkers. Then, from the results of the mission will get a commission. However, that’s not the only mission, but there are other things too, such as:

  • Fill out surveys.
  • Visit a specific website.
  • Install and try certain applications.

How to Download the Picoworkers Application

Picoworkers Watch YouTube Paid Apps 2022

After knowing the explanation above, of course you already understand the description of this application. 6 ways to download the Picoworkers application are steps that users need to take in order to watch YouTube and get paid.

You need to know that it turns out that Picoworkers is not an application, but a website. That way, it will be more practical in its use. In addition, it does not have to set aside the phone’s internal storage space.

Of course the more curious where to access it, right? One can follow the following tutorial to find the site. In addition, it will also explain how to register.

  1. First, please open the browser on the user’s device.
  2. Then, go to “
  3. Users must register an account first. Just select the button in the right corner that says Sign Up.
  4. Then, enter the data requested by the website. Including name, email, and nickname. Make sure the email someone registered with is the same as the PayPal account. If you don’t have the PayPal app yet, you have to download it first.
  5. After all the data entered, please confirm the registration. You do this by checking all the terms and conditions. Then, klik I Agree.
  6. Finally, press the button Sign Up and the registration process is complete.

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How to Use the Picoworkers App

Picoworkers Watch YouTube Paid Apps 2022

If you have already created a Picoworkers account, then all you have to do is figure out how to use it. How to use the Picoworkers application is to follow the steps below.

  1. Reopen the browser.
  2. Log in to the Picoworkers page using the previously registered account data.
  3. After entering the dashboard or main page, several missions will appear that users can complete.
  4. Please click and start working on the tasks one by one. Make sure, must be in accordance with the existing orders.
  5. Then, find the menu Category.
  6. Then, select Video Marketing and click Apply.
  7. When finished, the user can upload proof of the screenshot.
  8. That way, the commission will be obtained and immediately collect as much as possible.

The final word

Picoworkers watch YouTube Paid 2022 is one of the safe money making apps. Make sure to follow the download method and use it properly so that you can generate coffers. Good luck.

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